RePhil Replacing single-use packaging. One box at a time.


Sommersemester 2019 - RePhil - Student Start-up Project


In 2018 the amount of plastic waste in Austria added up to 900 million kg. 40% of plastic produced is packaging, used only once and then discarded. The plastic often ends up damaging natural habitats, endangering wildlife and polluting communities around the world. 91% of plastic is not being recycled. Its production and disposal is highly energy intensive and gives off powerful greenhouse gases. The EU has recognized this problem and has introduced a guideline that will restrict the use of single-use plastic dramatically from 2021 onwards.  


By introducing a circular system for reusable take-away boxes RePhil reduces waste stemming from to-go packaging. RePhil provides restaurants with reusable take away boxes, and therefore offers take-away costumers an attractive alternative, to produce less waste in their everyday lives, while increasing their take away dining experience. After having finished their meals costumers return the empty reusable boxes in our strategically positioned drop-off stations. RePhil collects the dirty boxes, washes them and reallocates them back to the restaurants.

Business Model

RePhil operates on a subscription-based business model generating revenues from restaurants on the one hand, and companies as main revenue stream on the other hand. Partner restaurants pay an annual membership fee for RePhil’s service and additionally a fee per clean box provided. Additionally, companies pay a membership fee per employee, which enables them to use RePhil boxes in our partner restaurants. Companies benefit twofold: Waste generated through to-go packaging in their buildings is reduced and waste reduction is quantified through weekly reports.


RePhil’s beachhead market are restaurants and companies in business hubs in the city of Vienna. RePhil's target restaurants generate their main revenues around lunch time, manly from take away meals. The companies who will use the RePhil service have 25-250 employees and want to build a corporate culture that values sustainability. There are 1.800 restaurants and 6.500 companies in the target market. However, it is RePhil's vision to replace all single use packaging stemming from take away and food delivery in Austria's major cities in the future.

Contact Person

  • Hannah Wundsam

Student team

  • Hannah Wundsam

  • Daniel Novzari

  • Cornelia Sochor


  • Dr. Kathrin Reinsberger, Dr. Rudolf Dömötör, Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke

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