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Print Everywhere - the future of digital printing


Mondi Group / Wintersemester 2017-2018


The emerging digitalization trend has increasingly started to replace the need to print. This trend has moved consumers away from printing as well as brand and quality awareness.

Therefore, Mondi would like to take the reins in its own hands and turn this development into an advantage. Together we discovered an every-day-need: people lack possibilities to flexibly print their documents wherever they are. Unfortunately, there is no existing solution for this need which has unleashed Mondi to develop an innovative solution in order to take one step closer to the end consumer by enabling them to print whenever and wherever they want.

The idea called Print Everywhere (PE) is based on an online platform that connects people who need to print flexible with print locations or nearby registered printers in the consumers' surroundings. This service creates an additional touchpoint with Mondi office paper and is a cost-efficient alternative to copy shops or private printers. Private consumers and small businesses would also benefit from the extra value created by this great idea.


The aim of this project was the development of innovative business models for the Print Everywhere Idea. The project process can be defined in three phases:

During the first phase of the project we analysed the internal and external environment of Mondi.

In order to identify different customer needs and printing habits and to elaborate the demand for such a printing service we conducted 20 interviews and a survey with over 150 responses. As a result of this empirical research we clustered the people questioned in customer segments in regard to their quality requirements, profession, willingness to pay and printing behaviour.

The second phase comprised the generation of business ideas. By using different creativity techniques we developed 15 rough ideas which were rated and a shortlist of 6 final business ideas was drawn which were worth pursuing.

After assessing these ideas systematically, two of them were selected and transformed into suitable business models.


The base for a successful implementation of Print Everywhere is a broad network of printers. The idea "Air PnP" was born by the inspiration of the upcoming sharing trend. We share our car, our flat so why not our printer?

This idea of sharing printers uses the Print Everywhere service as a matchmaking platform connecting private people or small businesses with free printing capacity with users that are in need of convenient and flexible printing. Hosts are supplied with Mondi paper and enable users in their surroundings to use their private printer. Hosts can decide when their printer is available for public use and shops and offices will benefit from the additional frequency of potential customers.

In terms of sustainable printing, an add-on for this business model the "Print n Plant" approach was created. This idea focusses on creating a positive sustainable brand image of Mondi paper. Users of the Print Everywhere service could choose the "green" printing option and plant their own virtual tree. This tree grows with every sustainable print purchased via PE. Users can monitor their virtual tree growing until maturity. As soon as this virtual tree has reached its full size a real tree is planted in Mondi’s woods.

Cooperation Partner

  • Mondi Group
    Marxergasse 4A, 1030 Vienna, Austria


Contact Person

Student Team

  • Christine Dicken

  • Claas Duit

  • Nicolas Norden

  • Anna Schönberg

  • Peter Stellnberger


Project Managers

  • Markus Deimel, MSc.

  • Dr. Kathrin Reinsberger


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