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Positioning Flexibilis Oy


TTTech Computertechnik AG / Sommersemester 2017


A team consisting of six students from the Vienna University of Economics and Business was formed to support “TTTech Computertechnik AG” with consulting services. The main tasks of the project were to conduct a thorough market analysis study for TTTech’s newly acquired firm Flexibilis Oy, to evaluate the feasibility of international partnerships with selected companies in new markets and to give recommendations on how to proceed business operations in the substation automation market. 

Project Partner

Headquartered in Vienna, the technology and software provider TTTech Computertechnik AG, derives its business from a B2B level and has positioned itself as a key technology supplier for global players in different markets. Divided into four different business units, encompassing automotive, aerospace & space, industrial (incl. industrial automation and energy) and off-highway, it has placed itself in the market as the technology leader in robust networked safety controls across multiple industrial verticals. In its industrial division, the firm’s offerings range from Deterministic Ethernet Networking solutions to Industrial IoT products.


In 2016 TTTech acquired the Finnish firm “Flexibilis Oy”, a substation automation software supplier. The students’ primary objective was to close the knowledge gap concerning Flexibilis’ market share and full potential. The students were to conclude a penetrative analysis of the smart grid market, including a segmentation of the market, an examination of the market trends, as well as the composition of a list of prospective customers. Based on the results, the students were to give recommendations on how to proceed operations after the acquisition of Flexibilis.


The students structured the project into four different phases - project set-up, market research, detailed analysis & findings - from which the first one was to provide a general introduction to the project. In the second phase, a throughout market research was conducted using databases provided by the university, but also including expert interviews. After this, the students analyzed the gathered information in order to identify the general trends and entry barriers, and to further specify the relevant markets. In the last phase, all relevant findings were reviewed by the team and recommendations for the project partner were given.


In accordance with the project partner, the students deemed the Asian market to be most appealing for future operations. After conducting a thorough analysis of the different Asian markets, the students decided together with the project partner to focus mainly on Japan. This decision was made mainly based on the facts that there are fewer entry barriers and risk factors. Moreover, TTTech has strong representation in Japan, allowing Flexibilis easier access. After this, the students compiled a list of the most relevant partner companies as possible customers and partnerships amongst this nation. To rank the reviewed firms by relevance for Flexibilis, the students oriented themselves amongst other factors on the companies’ market shares, their revenues and involvement in the smart grid market.

Cooperation Partner

  • TTTech Computertechnik AG
    Schönbrunner-Straße 7
    1040 Vienna


Contact Person

  • Maria-Elisabeth Nitsche

  • Stefan Rebernig



Student team

  • Becker Leon

  • Germann Maximilian

  • Gringinger Luis

  • Raffaseder Elisabeth

  • Salsi Elena

  • Spitz Laura



  • Bradonjic Philip

  • Metz Franziska


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