Studentisches Start-Up Projekt - Sommersemester 2016

Executive Summary

As an article in the journal Nature Climate Change [1] depicts, costs of damages from extreme floods in Europe could more than double to over € 23.5 billion by 2050. Compared to the overall amount of natural hazards, floods have caused the biggest damage(s) in Switzerland [2] which partly had to be covered by insurance companies. These possible losses and damages frighten people living and companies located in river-riskzones. Now insurance companies are facing huge possible losses and emergency institutions have to rely on insufficient information to react adequately to upcoming threats. Currently, there are only several small river information systems but no cross-country solution in the EU. This is a problem since rivers do not respect borders. These concerned people, companies and government institutions are in need for a data-system that collects cross-border river information and timely warns of possible threats.


We are developing an IT system that collects river data in Europe and delivers it to companies. The collected data consists of current water height, water height prediction, rain intensity and pictures from Webcams. An app providing that data would warn people and employees proactively and individually. As a result, people would be able to take preventive actions to minimize damages. Governmental institutions as well as emergency


Johannes Strassmayr (BOKU) initially had the idea of this product. Two computer scientists (Enrico Bragante, Günter Öller) joined him to create a prototype of the proposed product. Alexander Gugler (WU), Gabriel Tanios (WU) and Simone Mugnaioli (TU) joined them in March 2016. The team has widespread skills and competences in hydrology (Johannes), IT (Enrico, Günter), law and entrepreneurship (Alexander), finance and marketing (Gabriel) and business model development (Simone). A company will be founded in the August 2016 future.


This new transnational system targets platforms in various fields like providers of community websites, news platforms, fisherman and paddler platforms and emergency institutions (fire fighters, civil defence associations). In addition to that, insurance companies would beparticularly interested in this product since they could give out the information to their customers with aim to minimize damages. People living in river-risk-zones would profit from the use of our app PegelAlarm which is a huge marketing tool.

Revenue Stream

The gross revenue of the system is mainly derived from selling data on a monthly basis. In terms of marketing purposes, the app will be available for free. Companies, countries or cities will also be able to buy the white-label-version of the app, which can then be customised to their needs and adopted to their brand.

Student team

  • Gugler Alexander

  • Muganioli Simone

  • Strassmayr Johannes

  • Tanios Gabriel


  • Martin Schott

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