Online Physio


Wintersemester 2019 - Student Start-up Project



Our mission is to enable amateur athletes to proactively tackle minor injuries without having to consult expensive physiotherapists


A lot of people suffer from minor injuries and feel uncomfortable while sitting in a chair or even lying in their bed. Of course, these small aches are disturbing, however most of us won’t go to a doctor because of a slight pull in your neck or back. As a result, they overgo the pain, continue with sports and make the situation even worse. Nevertheless, we want to see everybody get rid of that minor injuries and feel comfortable throughout the day.


We would like to provide a high-quality online physiotherapy service at a low cost for a lot of people. Hence, we would like to create an app which gives our customers an easy access to a diagnoses and helpful exercises to tackle their pain.

The application will provide amateur athletes, but also older people and heavy labourers, a recommended procedure on how to solve their aches.


Our Business Model consists of two important pillars. On the one hand, we have a monthly subscription fee. On the other hand, we have a commission fee for the physiotherapists in our network, who users can consult for major injuries. This revenue streams should cover our costs and leave enough space for profits.


We plan to initially launch the app in Austria and then expand to other German speaking countries (CH, Germany, etc.) and potentially any other country where smartphones are broadly used.

Around 2.5 Mio yearly sports injuries of people between 15 to 29 years in Austria need follow-up treatment. We consider these injuries as our Total Available Market. A rough assumption which was made with a physiotherapist and med students says that 1/3 of these injuries are minor injuries which we can tackle. This would mean there are around 850.000 injuries/persons who are in need of our support (Serviceable Available Market). We assume that we can reach up to 20 percent of the above-mentioned amount of injuries in our optimistic scenario, which would mean approximately 170.000 people/year (Serviceable Obtainable Market).


We are standing in competition with different physiotherapy applications, as well as the classic physiotherapy. The value proposition of our application lies in linking high professionalism and cheapness.

Moreover, most applications only provide exercises which the costumer can perform. They don’t give the costumers any form of diagnosis.

Student team

  • Matthias Ebner

  • Sebastian Habernig

  • Stephan Schmid

  • Magdalena Junez

  • Benedikt Eberle


  • Alexander Staub, M.Sc.

  • Tuong-Vi Sophie Quach, MA

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