NUBIGON - New, Bold, Game-Changing: Identifying new application areas applying technological competence leveraging


Nubigon / Wintersemester 2016/2017


NUBIGON is a powerful reality capture technology that visualizes laser scanner data in high definition and offers an array of tools for CAD modeling. NUBIGON also provides custom software development, data processing, visualization and modeling services. As part of the course “New Business Development”, the goal of the project was to identify novel technological applications for NUBIGON and to develop suitable commercialization strategies in promising areas.


The project consisted of 4 steps: (1) find and frame the benefits of the technology, (2) evaluate those benefits in various potential markets (3) further analyze the most relevant markets and (4) ultimately develop market-entry strategies.


Interviews with current and potential users lead to the identification of  the three conclusive benefits “Measuring Goggles”, “Photographic Memory” and “Time and Condition Independent Exploration”, which enabled a general application to a wide variety of sectors and industries.

Applying creativity, pyramiding and broadcasting techniques more than 70 interviews were conducted, resulting in 28 promising application areas which covered a broad range of industries - from applied psychology to virtual tourism.

By assessing factors such as need potential, risk level, entry barriers, and investment costs together with the project partner, three most promising areas were identified: restoration of historical objects, virtual reality & gaming and dental medicine.

Detailed market, competitor and value chain analyses showed that all three markets offer highly attractive opportunities for NUBIGON’s disruptive technology and should be entered in the short, mid- and long-term respectively. Finally, the designed business models showed that NUBIGON’s value proposition in these industries allows sustainable monetarization, enabling NUBIGON to become a game-changer in the restoration process of historical objects, enhance virtual experiences in high-end gaming and change the way daily business is conducted in the field of dental medicine.

Cooperation Partner

  • PoM Point of Measure GmbH
    Feldgasse 22
    2230 Gänserndorf 

Contact Person

  • Bert M. Azizoglu
    Phone (US): +1-917-600-8857

Student Team

  • Behal Christina

  • Gyurova Laura

  • Knot Max

  • Kovarik Niklas

  • Lebedev Maxim

  • Simkovics Erik

  • Vogel Dominik

  • N.N.

  • Wiedemann Christian

Project Manager

  • Mag. Philipp Topic

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