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Projektpartner: Studentisches Gründungsprojekt / Sommersemester 2015


GRÅDER MICHL builds bridges between farmers and customers, providing honest and authentic food that fits the needs of people living in our fast-paced society.

Pure fruit and fresh milk from the neighborhood, separately packed and mixed by the consumer, create a delicious milkshake. Without additives, without compromises, you know exactly where it comes from. The result is a fresh, natural and honest product that lets you recharge your batteries in a healthy and sustainable way.

Changing markets, changing habits

School milk farmers currently face a big problem: their market is declining. Most schools are already being served and the number of pupils is decreasing. As all facilities for processing milk and delivering products are in place, these farmers seek to sell more milk directly. Due to a lack of capacity and market knowledge, they have problems developing products and opening up new sales channels. At the same time, an increasing number of consumers value fresh and natural food. Time constraints, however, force them to compromise between honest food and convenience.

This is where GRÅDER MICHL comes in. By connecting these two groups of people through a fresh and natural milkshake, produced directly by a local farmer, the problems of both sides are solved. GRÅDER MICHL is a milkshake consisting of pure ingredients containing no additives or preservatives. A special packaging makes it possible to store the ingredients milk and fruit puree separately - the consumer mixes it on the go.

Make it work through partnerships

To deliver GRÅDER MICHL everybody's strengths are leveraged: The aim is to form partnerships with one local school milk farmer per agglomeration. The task of our company is to provide the farmer with the product and its components (packaging and fruit), to open distribution channels and to take care of marketing. The farmer in turn will produce, deliver and sell the milkshake. This way, the product will get to the customer in the most efficient way and even more importantly - directly from the farmer.

Consumers will be able to buy GRÅDER MICHL wherever they would usually get theirs snacks or groceries - at bakeries, canteens or supermarkets.


The product launch is planned to be in March 2016. Major hurdles already taken care of are recipe development, talks with potential production partners and brand design. An Austrian research institute is currently working on packaging concepts and a prototype after which the first round of sales is planned.

There are still many challenges to come on the way to market launch next year, but we are thrilled to work towards the goal of making honest food easily accessible to you.

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