JOY - Everyone’s Virtual Life Coach


Sommersemester 2019 - JOY - Student Start-up Project


JOY is creating everyone’s virtual life-coach, that helps you to get to know yourself better and take action towards your dreams. JOY works at the interaction of "Reflection" and "Taking Action", two fields that have never been combined yet.

We envision a world full of happy individuals, who found their life-purpose and work towards their dreams. Everyone should learn how to utilise today’s grand pool of choice and by this do what they truly love in all aspects of life, appreciate this life, and share their joy.

What's the problem?

People are getting wealthier and healthier; however, happiness only stagnates. We do not want to fight symptoms; we want to resolve the problem at its roots by helping individuals to reflect about what truly makes them happy, encourage them to take action and changing their attitude towards things they cannot change and focus them on things they can change.

The solution is within you - let us help you!

We use proven tools from psychology and life-coaching, but with the benefits of a mobile solution: 24/7 availability and global knowledge. Through tools from behavioral economics and motivation coaching we will nudge everyone towards a better life. Comparing to current apps, we really know the user and are not limited by their own and other solution's limitations. Throughout the last months of this project we were able to build an amazing team of top business students, psychologists and life-coaches, and app-developers to design and develop our application.

Key features of our world-changing app are engaging Gamification, an incorporated Social Network, and integrated Natural Language Processing and AI.

In short, we are helping you to define, design, AND live the life you desire.

The global market for self-development is enormous

Digital solutions are taking over; however, the unicorn of our industry has not been established yet. We envision to disrupt a 30bn $ industry and serve the global happiness by 2020. For free.

How do we make money?

We are gathering extremely personal data, so the obvious choice is to sell these. However, the customer’s life and development are at the very heart of our idea. So instead, we are writing books. Your books. At the end of every year, you can buy your personal biography.

Let’s make the whole world happier. Join us and help us make our dreams come true to make your dreams come true.

Contact Person

  • Manuel Gahn

Student team

  • Manuel Gahn

  • Robin Görlich

  • Mario Adamčević

  • Sofie Schuh


  • Dr. Kathrin Reinsberger

  • Dr. Rudolf Dömötör

  • Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke

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