IT based CV validation: Ensuring a skill and culture fit of employees


Sommersemester 2019 - IdealApplication - Student Start-up Project


How much does it cost to recruit one employee? Too much.

On average SMEs spend around 4.000€ on recruiting one single employee, without having any guarantee as to whether the employee actually matches the needed requirements and justifies the costly recruiting process. Not only the firms are from time to time dissatisfied with the current recruiting process, but also the applicants could be better off. When applying for a job, chances are high that one is not given detailed feedback as to why one was not elected for the position of choice.

Mission and Vision

Ideal application aims to become the highest qualitiy homepage for skill-based testing and pre-selection of applicants. Hence, the aim is to become the leading application platform for both parties of the process - the businesses as well as the applicants. By working with a success-based fee, firms only pay the platform once they practically have a guarantee that applicants possessing their needs have been identified through customized questionnaires.

A simple and yet efficient solution for both parties

Firms are able to create a questionnaire in close cooperation with Ideal Application designed to match their individual likings and needs in order to pre-select applicants having what it takes to be part of the business.

The applicant takes the pre-selection-test via the homepage of Ideal Application and receives immediate feedback on how well he/she performed. Results of his/her performance do not only get sent back to the applicant, but are also the basis on which the firm decides whether or not the applicant is meeting the demanded requirements. Only at that point - when the firm is convinced that the applicant is suited for the job - the success-based fee is charged. The recruitment process via Ideal Application hence provides no inital financial risk for the businesses.

A more efficient application process

Even though the financial advantages of the businesses seem striking, one may not forget about the amelioration for the applicant brought along by Ideal Application. The candidates receive feedback on their performance and are able to get in contact with the firm a lot quicker than they would have been able to without the aid of this application tool.

Contact Person

  • Matthias Hofreiter

Student Team

  • Nora Viktoria Panholzer (WU)

  • Matthias Hofreiter (WU)

  • Conrad Greiner (WU)

  • Sebastian Brucker (WU)

  • Roman Mirzoyan (TU)


  • Alexander Staub, M.Sc. (WU)

  • Richard Olbrecht, M.Sc. (WU)

  • Univ. Ass. IM Ing. Dipl.-Ing. Dragos-Cristian Vasilescu, BSc (TU)

  • Mag. Michael Filzmoser (TU)

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