Sommersemester 2019 - ImpActify - Student Start-up Project


ImpActify is bringing corporates and NGO's together. We achieve this through two main activities: "Connect" and "Create". For our "Connect" revenue stream, we facilitate the interaction between corporates and NGOs, which can materialize into sponsoring arrangements or joint events. On the other hand, our "Create" revenue stream derives from teambuilding activities for corporates, where ImpActify creates and organizes a unique activity for the corporates together with the NGO's, thereby not only raising financial aid for the NGO's but also increasing overall awareness for their cause. Therefore, the "Connect" stream differentiates from the creativity and level of customization of each event.


We solve a problem for NGO's as well as corporates. On the NGO side, we see that they struggle with attaining sufficient financial resources and especially smaller NGO's have a lack of visibility. They are very interested to cooperate with companies; however, since they are short on resources, they do not have sufficient time to devote to create these relationships.

On the corporate side, we see that organizing teambuilding and sponsoring events is a hassle and that it is hard to come up with original ideas. Many teambuilding activities therefore do not serve a real purpose and do not help employees to get closer together. At the same time, there is a huge trend and push for companies to get more involved into CSR activities.


We solve both the problem for the NGO's as well as for the corporates. By bringing them together through our "Connect" and "Create" activities, we give the corporates the opportunity to invest in useful, original teambuilding and sponsoring activities while at the same time they contribute to a better world, along the dimensions that best fit their CSR strategy. At the same time, the NGO's get additional financial resources and raise more awareness about the cause that they are fighting for, without having to give up essential resources which would distract them from performing their main activity.


Our first market will be focused on Vienna. We see many NGO's as well as large corporate headquarters in this region. Hereafter, we will expand into the rest of Austria. The market numbers look promising. In Austria in 2018, large companies donated € 75.690/year and spent € 250/employee on teambuilding. This involves a total of 1012 donating companies. Medium companies donated € 16.793/year and spent € 200/employee on teambuilding with a total of 4600 donating companies. 

Business Model

We will offer our solution to corporates via our online platform. This platform is designed to make it as swift and convenient for the corporates as possible, thereby adding so much value that we can ensure customer retention. For every connection made through our platform, we would take an intermediation fee ("Connect" stream). The actual fee will be individually determined and will probably be lower (around 5%) for sponsoring activities and potentially be higher (around 15%) for joint events where ImpActify is not taking over the full planning and organization process. For activities fully designed and organized by ImpActify the price will be budgeted on a case-by-case basis (built-to-order business model).   

Contact Person

  • Kirsten Smilda

Student team

  • Beatriz Machado

  • Iuliia Aleksandrovich

  • Christoph Stelzl

  • Kirsten Smilda


  • Dr. Kathrin Reinsberger

  • Dr. Rudolf Dömötör

  • Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke

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