Identification of new business opportunities for Semperit


Sommersemester 2021 / Semperit


In the course of this project, a new business opportunity for Semperit was identified, which represents a market that can be entered by further exploiting the current production technique of the company and thereby leveraging existing know-how.


The aim was to identify new application fields for new materials that Semperit could use to produce goods by using the same production technique that is employed today. Furthermore, part of the objective was to assess the market potential of these application fields, to develop a business model, and finally to make a recommendation on the market entry strategy.


This research was carried out by using the TCL method. First, the attributes and benefits of the relevant materials were identified by conducting 16 interviews with users of the respective product. Based on this, 14 potential application fields were developed and analyzed. Four of those application fields, which had the highest ranking based on benefits relevance and strategic fit, were considered as potential markets for further analysis. Out of these, the most promising one was chosen. In the next step, we conducted a deep dive into the application field, by carrying out various analyses. As a conclusion we were able to provide a recommendation for a market entry strategy.


Due to its inherent material benefits the analyzed product plays a major role in the investigated industry. Therefore, the industry offers a potential market and a great opportunity for the expansion of the business of Semperit. Desk research and several interviews with industry representatives lead to one common solution that is needed in both investigated industry segments. In fact, our research indicates that the product is not only essential in the investigated segments but is also used in even further parts of the industry.

In conclusion, our work recommends the market entry into a specific application field that could serve as an excellent starting point for Semperit to develop a whole new business.

Cooperation Partner

  • Semperit AG Holding
    Modecenterstr. 22
    1031 Wien

Contact Person

  • Reza Beglari

Student Team

  • Anna Karmaeva, Dominik Dorner, Harald Riegler, Leopold Seiller-Tarbuk, Michelle Kellner, Theresa Quitt, Selin Beste Yüksel

Project Manager

  • Dr. Jakob Pohlisch

  • Mag. Benjamin Monsorno, MA

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