Sommersemester 2019 - HappyWake - Student Start-up Project


“Enabling a Christmas Morning feeling every day before school”. We aspire to solve a problem that has been troubling many parents for years - to find a way to motivate their children to wake up on time every day and do their morning chores quickly and enthusiastically.


Children all around the world usually have a very big problem waking up during their first school years. The process of waking up is not only very exhausting for the child, but even more for the parents. However, on days like Christmas or Easter, when kids sleep even less, they still have a higher “waking-up-motivation” and tend to wake up very easily. The difference between those days lies in the motivation of the kids, which they have when they anticipate the waking up. Thus, the problem in waking up is not only physical but rather psychical and can hence be solved.


HappyWake is the alarm clock, which is designed to wake up children through positive interaction and competition with other kids. The goal is to enable them to wake up as enthusiastic as they would be on Christmas morning when they receive their long-awaited presents. This feeling will be evoked by waking them up through a joyful small interaction with their classmates and friends. In little games, they will compete against each other or solve quests together in order to earn points which they can redeem for vouchers and other rewards. The interactive activities where kids interact with their friends directly after waking up will boost happiness and excitement for the new day. Instead of waking up alone and leave their warm bed to go to the cold bathroom and brush their teeth, they will be looking forward to one of the best things about school - meeting their friends in the morning. Where parents have been standing, trying to get their children out of bed, kids will be able to disrupt this game.

Furthermore, HappyWake also operates as a personal wake-up coach for kids. This is our main activity as we want kids to wake up easier in the long-term and support them and their parents in this process. Therefore, the kids’ results will be measured and depending on their success and habits, HappyWake will suggest different tactics and show the kids’ progress.

What's next?

Our first prototype consists of an alarm clock and a separated device to switch it off. The second one will be placed in the bathroom or at the breakfast table. We track the time it takes the kid to switch the alarm off. We will share the results with their friends and classmates so they can see their potential for improvement and will be motivated to do better the next day. To set a reasonable incentive we want to communicate that there are prizes for all participants depending on their ranking in the competition. We want to start doing multiple iterations of prototype testing while improving it continuously with the lean-startup-method being able to start a Kickstarter campaign by the end of 2019.

Cooperation Partner

  • HappyWake

Contact Person

  • Miachael Kowatschew

Student team

  • Michael Kowatschew (WU)

  • Raphael Fritz (WU)

  • Tomas Thalmann (TU)

  • Florian Kampichler (WU)


  • Alexander Staub

  • Richard Olbrecht

  • Michael Filzmoser (TU Wien)

  • Dragan-Christian Vasilescu (TU Wien)

  • Christian Bauer (Fehr Advice)

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