Gründungsprojekt Pitch, Ink. – Catchy, Simple, Clear : Your concept… simply explained


Studentisches Gründungsprojekt / Sommersemester 2015


Pitch Ink is an explanation video provider, connecting startups with creative minds, thus being unique in the market.

Our Unique Selling Proposition

Videos are not only a great way for startups to clarify their own concept and simplify their communication with customers, but they also increase the efficiency and effectiveness of online presence. Furthermore, Pitch Ink provides these startups with a fresh wave of creativity in visualizing their ideas and telling their story. We provide high-quality service through direct and personal customer relations, affordable, transparent and modularized pricing, and real hand-drawn images in different styles.

On the other hand, young, creative people (e.g. art students) get the chance to broaden their portfolio and to make connections in the startup scene, which are valuable for future job opportunities. Explanation videos also allow for maximum creativity and various different styles of drawing.

Business Model

The business model relies on a standard product, which serves as the mean to connect the two parties; startups and creative talents. Artists are employed on a project-basis as freelancers and get to meet startups via personal meetings organized by Pitch, Ink. All other processes (storyboarding, editing) are done within the organization, which minimizes costs and allows for personal relations and thus customization for each customer. The sources of the revenue stream are the startups, while the main cost drivers include working hours, the outsourcing of the drawings, and the recording of voiceovers.

Market and Competition Analysis

In the booming Austrian startup industry, three quarters of newly founded organizations are within the IT & Technology industry, with high-complexity products and services, which require creative methods for explanation. On the other hand, there are no (or very few) explanation video providers, who focus specifically on startups, and provide affordable and high-quality, customized products.

Furthermore, on a geographical perspective, there is only few explanation video providers based in Vienna and most of them offer remote services. On top of that, Pitch, Ink. is the only company offering direct contact to the creative world, which opens up a new perspective in the startup world.

Growth & Future Outlook

After securing the first customer and cooperation partner this semester, Pitch Ink will focus on gaining further exposure and building a large community of creative minds in the near future. (pease refer to table)

 The community of creative minds will allow us to scale our business, which until now has had fewer opportunities because of the limited resources. The scaling model is based on the fact that the most time-consuming activity of Pitch, Ink is the production of the images for the videos (30 hours). We identified an opportunity of growth though outsourcing of the drawings for the video. 

Focusing on building a customer reference list over the next months is fundamental in order to gain exposure and facilitate further steps such as community building and finding new customers. This is the reason why we secured our first two projects with Foodtastic and Teach for Austria.

Steps of Pitch, Ink. @ Garage

Throughout the semester we have been conducting interviews with startups as well as with art students, and also secured some projects and focused on developing our concept, taking advantage of the coaching offered.

Cooperation Partner

Pitch, Ink.

Contact Person 


  • Chiara de Eccher
    Viktoria Bagi


  • Univ.Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke
    Dr. Rudolf Dömötör
    Dr. Beate Edl

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