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Generali Future Agent Challenge


Wintersemester 2018/19 - Generali


The main issue of the consulting project was how to attract employees of Generation Z by updating the image of “traditional jobs”. Furthermore, the aim of the 'Generali Future Agent Challenge' project was to create a strategy to inspire and recruit 17-20 year old members of Generation Z to work for Generali as sales representatives, by emphasizing the benefits and the changing job profile because of the digitalization. After the literature research, personal interviews and surveys the project team pursued various analyses to define the challenges and to compile the best solution. Finally, a concept of an innovative and interactive insurance event was developed in which the target group can get in touch with the digitalizing insurance industry and the job as sales representative in an interactive way.

Challenges and Objectives

The main challenge is that Generali lacks young and qualified applicants for the sales force. One reason for this is that the target group never really got in touch with the insurance industry in their life so far and that the benefits and the job profile of a sales representative are quite unknown. Another explanation is that the image of the insurance industry is partly negative and that the tasks of a sales representative are perceived as rather old-fashioned.

The main objective was to find a solution to attract and motivate the target group to apply for the job as sales representative at Generali and to communicate a modern and changing image of the company.

Methodological Approach

The first step of research in order to develop a basic knowledge to be well prepared for the next steps was the literature research concerning the insurance industry, the target group, employer branding and best practices of competitors. Through personal interviews with 20 students and a survey among 82 students the project team fathomed the perception of the job of a sales representative, the needs regarding a job of the Generation Z and how they want to get in touch with jobs and companies. Furthermore, the Employer Value Proposition of Generali was identified, as well as the benefits of the job as a sales representative, the changing job profile through digitalization and how to communicate this in the best way by conducting six personal interviews and a survey among 300 Generali employees.


The receiver, in this case the target group, has clear requirements for a job, but hardly any relation to the insurance industry. Furthermore, they have precise expectations what a job has to offer to be interesting and therefore the needs should be addressed and those which are fulfilled by Generali should be highlighted. The job description should also be conveyed to the target group in a contemporary, realistic and authentic manner.

Concerning the message for the target group the benefits of the job as a sales representative like the flexibility regarding working hours and location, the independence, the personal contact and the comparatively high entry salary need to be emphasized. Furthermore, the change through digitalization of the job profile is important to be communicated. Additionally, the communication of emotional contents can bring the positive aspects of providing aid and security into the focus.

Concerning the channel there are two main possibilities to attract the target group in an effective way, those are social media and schools. Furthermore, they prefer to get in touch with a potential job via direct contact with the company.

Based on the analyses it was concluded that the best way of addressing the target group with the necessary message through the most suitable channel is an innovative and interactive insurance event in schools.


At first an interactive lecture will be held by two sales representatives of Generali. They will give exciting insights about the daily work, the career opportunities as well as about the future change of the job profile and the impact of digitalization. Furthermore, there will be an interactive quiz and additionally touching real life insurance claims as well as the importance of insurance for the young generation will be pointed out.

Within the framework of the same event, the lecture will be followed by the second part in which students will have the opportunity to slip into the role of sales representative and insurance customers in a role play. Through this game the students learn the basics of selling and purchasing insurance products and get a first impressions of the tasks of a Generali sales representative.

Cooperation Partner

  • Generali Versicherung AG
    Hoher Markt 3
    1010 Wien


Contact Person

  • Matthias Gerbavsits MIB


Student team

  • Georg Baier

  • Denis Holzinger

  • Risto Ilic

  • Noah Neumair

  • Matthias Wellan



  • Barbara Mehner

  • Linn Kretzschmar


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