Studentisches Start-Up / Sommersemester 2017


Frynx is an app that allows its users to get one free drink every day in one of our participating partner bars for a subscription fee of € 5.99 a month. Bars can use the service of Frynx free of charge, they only have to come up for the cost of the first free drink given to Frynx users.

Up to 31 drinks per month for only € 5.99

Students and young professionals have one thing in common: they love to go out and try out new bars! The Frynx app is built for exactly this.

Users can see all participating Frynx partner bars in one app on a list or a map view. The app will also tell you which bars are close to your current location via GPS. Frynx will only feature the best bars, so that users can rely on finding only high quality bars in the app.

Once a user has chosen a bar, he or she can see a selection of drinks this bar offers for free. After the user has chosen one, he or she shows the app to the barkeeper who then confirms the free drink with a tap on a button.

Yes, giving away free drinks can solve problems bars have

Bar owners are facing problems when it comes to acquiring new customers. Current forms of marketing for bars, such as Google AdWords or Flyers, are either expensive, ineffective or both. Furthermore, these advertising possibilities have in common that the bar owner has to spend advertisement money first and then hope for the best, without knowing whether it really brings new customers. Moreover, bar owners are also not willing to spend hours on doing online marketing themselves.

To fix those problems, Frynx flips the current marketing model for bars upside-down. Through Frynx, bar owners only have costs if the customer is already inside their venue – and then it's only the cost of the first drink given away. Once the customer is inside the bar, he or she likely stays for more drinks, giving the bar an instant profit. Moreover, Frynx is really simple and does the marketing for the bars, allowing bar owners to exclusively focus on their core business. 

Well, that sounds really nice

It actually is! The concept already convinced more than 25 bars to participate. Our partner bars are for example Wein&Co, Bettelalm, or Travelshack but our list of new partner bars is growing daily.

Users can sign up on www.frynx.eu, but they must not forget to tell their friends to sign up too – drinking alone is just not as nice! 

Contact Person

  • Frynx GmbH

Student team

  • Christian Strobl (WU)

  • Peter Mühlbauer (WU)

  • Lisa Krapinger (IMC Krems)

  • Aaron Wedral (TU)

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