Sommersemester 2018 / Studentisches Start-up-Projekt


In times where an increasing amount of overnight stays that were previously spent at hotels or not at all, are happening over Airbnb, the question stands of who manages all this.

The mission is becoming the “One-Stop-Shop” for flexible renting by facilitating extra income and freedom with complete automatization while guaranteeing 100% control.

Customer Problem

There is unused potential in vacant city apartments and vacation homes that are usually idle the better part of the year. Short-term subletting comes with a lot of work, inconvenience and potential risk – but is also a lucrative and alternative source of extra income. From writing the perfect description of the property, taking welcoming pictures of it, talking with the potential customer and providing them with unique experiences during their stay, to getting the apartment ready in terms of cleaning and maintaining its functionality. In most cases, these things are all managed by the owner of the apartment, which is very inefficient. Adding to that comes a felt risk as loss of control of leaving strangers with one’s property and personal belongings and not being in control and the missing flexibility regarding the duration of normal leasing options and the distance problem that comes with vacation homes.


Property owners can call us or select dates on our website when they don’t need their property, we will take it from there. We then setup the apartment to be ready to be rented out via short term rental platforms like Airbnb. Furthermore, we take care of the guest interactions, the cleaning and the management of the property.

Customers and Channels

We’ll focus mainly on real estate owners and administrators that are interested in additional income streams that don’t require a lot of care. More than 90% of our target group is online, which makes it easier for us to reach out to them and do very targeted advertising. Some of them could already be hosting on short term rental platforms, where we would simply take over the account and the management.

The USP of flexi-renting

Flexibility: Compared to normal leasing contracts where you are bound everywhere from a couple of month to forever, you enjoy full flexibility with us.

Higher Profits: In contrast to the profits that the usual renting leaves you, you will see a 70% increase after hiring our services, even after paying us our fee.

Unique Services: High quality Virtual Reality-tours of the property are new to short-term housing platforms. With the flood of information readily available the risk of an individual being confronted with too many available choices and (often unnecessary) information is high. Visual aids assist in providing additional info where needed to facilitate a choice and reduce insecurity.

A part of our website and the first VR-Tour can already be viewed here: 360bnb.georgweber.xyz

Contact Person

  • Georg Weber

Student Team

  • Julia Konrad

  • Kyrillus Aiad

  • Christoph Tockner

  • Georg Weber


  • Alexander Staub, MSc

  • Evgeniia Filippova, MSc

  • DI Dragos-Christian Vascilescu BSc

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