Event Ninjas


Studentisches Start-Up / Sommersemester 2017

What we do

We create platform where companies connect and make events together. Our two-sided platform allows them to search for workshops or speakers based on topics of their interest and discover trendy events nearby. They can also invite companies to participate or join other events. Service providers, the second side of the platform, can register and upload their events.

Customer problem

First, the cost of workshop per employee is too high for SMEs when it comes to improving both tech specific and soft skills. Second, finding the right workshop or speaker can often be frustrating and time consuming.

Product/ Services

Event Ninjas allows companies to access the complete event information (location, time, organizers, attendants, pricing). Platform provides them with an overview of key attendants of workshops and speakers profiles. Event Ninjas helps to avoid large amount of arrangements and book a speaker or workshop with one click.

Target Market

Our target market is professional development and continuous employee education market.


Currents customers are 317,000 SMEs located in Vienna, Salzburg, Graz and Linz. We focus on SMEs that have the need for professional development and opened corporate culture, meaning they would be willing to organize or attend events together with other companies rather than keep it exclusive. Companies can maximize their utility and optimize expenses by participating in the events together with other companies from their industry.

Sales/Marketing Strategy

We gain access to large companies as well as speakers & workshops database through elaboration with partners. 

Business Model

Commission based model: charging a fee from each transaction, 4-6%. First month after beta release will be handled without commission.  

Competitive Advantage

Our main competition handles the problem of costly workshops/speakers today by offering membership and different price categories for the large scope of events including courses, live learning and trainings. Event Ninjas is operating in B2B segment only and stays affordable while maintaining the big scale. We match companies with speakers/workshops and each other while facilitating customization of opportunities.

Contact Persons

  • Anastasia Lelyavskaya

  • Daria Starovoitova

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