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Evaluation of target groups and custom development of marketing strategies


Projektpartner: NIXE Brau GmbH / Sommersemester 2015


This report was commissioned to examine a customer segmentation analysis in order to identify the best fitting target customers for the low-carb beer manufacturer NIXE Brau GmbH. The obtained data operated as the basis for the development of customized marketing strategies, including a range of sales promotion possibilities that will be potentially in the field, beginning in 2015. NIXE Brau GmbH plans to expand its business activities by inimitable campaign actions and therefore gain additional market share.

Key Findings Summarized

The first part of the research draws attention to the overall market figures of the Austrian beer market and explores the impact of the unique benefits that NIXE’s low-carb beer has on beer customers. Although the overall beer consumption seems to be stagnating, over the past 7 years, at around 107 liters per capita per year, NIXE’s trading unit of 0,33l glass bottle and carrying the NIXE Radler constitute promising decisions, since both options show above average growth in this sector.

While surveying the user motivation, the fact that 30% of the male customers have already heard of NIXE beer, but not even 20% of them have ever bought a single glass bottle, has been evaluated. Future sales strategies should be bear this in mind. Further investigations revealed that 40% of the male customers are very interested in low-carb beer with the same alcohol concentration as regular beer, but every third men says that low-carb characteristics sound feminine to them, thus reducing their disposition to buy. 

Problem Solution Summarized

The start-up NIXE Brau GmbH is willing to take its chance as an incomparable and unpredictable competitor in the beer market, by engaging in creative and non-imitable marketing strategies. The report evaluates the new ways future marketing strategies and supplies the executive board with a wealth of ideas, plans, cost-benefit analyses and crucial contacts. This enables the company to gain customer awareness and promote its products in a cost-effective way.

Recommendations Summarized

It is recommended that NIXE Brau GmbH:

  • starts using a special discount dice during promotion events, in order to boost sales by gambling for unique discounts

  • bugs competitors on all occasions, while they are running their festival sponsoring with the custom-developed “Competitor Troll” equipment

  • engages into a cooperation with the gif-generating start-up PHHHOTO,  to be able to publish high quality gif-animations of their prosperous  customers in social media channels


Cooperation Partner

  • Nixe Brau GmbH
    Stuckgasse 1/4


Contact Person

  • Mag. (FH) Constantin Simon
    +43 650 280 22 47


Student team

  • Melanie Danner
    Lisa Gremsl
    Janine Kasparek
    Danijel Milosavljevic
    Alexandra Pucula
    Victora Schwabel
    Niklas Trenkler



  • Philip Bradonjic, M.Sc.
    Franziska Metz, M.Sc.


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