Start-Up Projekt / Sommersemester 2016


Free time is something very precious. We all want to make sure to use it in the best possible way– making experiences that are highly enjoyable with the right people. Currently finding these experiences is hard. The user has to go through long lists of activities happening in his city and put a lot of effort into getting an overview of what’s happening around him. With eagr we want to change that! Giving you personalized recommendations for things to do in your free time, we make event discovery quick and easy.

Download the app now on www.geteagr.com and rediscover your free time!

How does it work?

You open the app and login with Facebook. eagr analyzes your past events and provides you with recommendations based on that, both for day and for night. A swipe interface enables quick & easy event decisions – swipe left if you don‘t like an event, swipe right if you love it. Tap an event for rich detail information, location, navigation and sharing options and buy your ticket directly in the app.

Value Proposition

We have all the events. By aggregating the most relevant event platforms and social media channels, eagr makes sure that you never miss a great event again.

We only show you the right events. Instead of showing you endless lists and filters, eagr’s smart matching algorithm analyses your preferences and gives you intelligent recommendations.

We make event decisions easy. Eagr’s interface allows you to make quick decisions with a swipe and enables you to buy your ticket with a simple tap in the app.

Business Modell

Eagr plans to make money through ticket sales commissions and marketing fees from event organizers. Our research showed that day event organizers primarily are interested in the possibility to sell last minute tickets through the app, while night event organizers would like to get more targeted reach through marketing their event directly in the app.

Contact Person

Student team

  • Matthias Blazanovic

  • Markus Raunig

  • Lorenz Strehl


  • Dr. Rudolf Dömötör

  • Dr. Kathrin Reinsberger

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