Dragon Dish


Start-Up Projekt / Sommersemester 2016


Dragon Dish helps you to discover delicious meals faster than ever before. We all know the problem. It is lunch time, you are getting hungry, but you don't know where to eat; so you end up eating at the same boring place almost every day. Not anymore!

With Dragon Dish you can pick and order a delicious meal in under 60 seconds. Send us your location and Dragon Dish will immediately send you a list of delicious meals in your area, so you don't have to go through the menu of ever restaurant close by.

How it Works

Dragon Dish is a chat bot that lives inside of Facebook and helps you discover delicious food in your area. Open your Facebook messenger app, start a new conversation and type in @DragonDish. Alternatively, you can message the Dragon Dish Facebook page directly. Just say "Hi" and let Dragon Dish take it from there.

Deciding what to eat has never been easier before. And with Dragon Dish it is also a lot of fun.

Our Customers

We have identified three main customer groups for our service. Students, because they are open to trying out new things. Business people, because they are usually stuck at the same place almost every day. And travelers, because they don't know their way around the city. In Vienna, these three groups combined spend over one billion euros per year just on lunch, so there is enormous potential.

We are currently in our betta and we are rolling out in three Vienna districts by the end of July. By the end of 2016 we are looking to have 800 meals ordered through Dragon Dish every day.

Get in Touch

Go to facebook.com/dragondish, send us a message and let Dragon Dish take it from there; or go to [dragondish_com] and sign up for the latest news and updates.

Contact Person

  • Alexandar Alexiew

Student team

  • Alexandar Alexiew

  • Harald Federspiel

  • Hristo Ganev


  • Dr. Rudolf Dömötör

  • Dr. Kathrin Reinsberger

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