Delivery One: Same day Delivery by Everyone for Everyone


Sommersemester 2018 / Studentisches Gründungsprojekt


We provide a platform that enables affordable same day delivery, enhancing the online shopping experience. Shops no longer will have to charge expensive fees for an express delivery option. By enabling everyone to deliver packages on their way home, to university or work our platform will make same day delivery an easy and affordable service, for all involved parties.


After the need for security, delivery speed will be the most important growing trend in e-commerce, to distinguish one of the last advantages physical retail locations have. In a time and age where information can be instantly accessed through smartphones people get more and more used to instant gratification of their needs. The willingness to pay for faster delivery will therefore increase during the next years The issue is, that for reliable same day delivery a unique courier has to be ordered, who drives from his current location to pick up the package and then delivers it to the customer. This not optimized system does only rely on employed couriers, and through this limited supply of people who can deliver in time, express shipping services are way too expensive. As the millions of people travelling daily to their work or university are currently not included into the pool of possible express services, it leads to a huge inefficiency and one-sidedness in the delivery market forcing customers to pay a premium for fast delivery.


To solve the problem of long delivery times and at the same time to reduce delivery costs, the idea of a crowdsourced home delivery company can be applied to Vienna. Instead of professional full-time couriers  carrying out the deliveries, it will be ordinary people on their way home. The principle is easy. People are coming home from work, shopping or university and are nearby a shop where a package has to be collected. If they have to go in the direction of the place where the package has to be delivered, they can collect the package at the shop and deliver it on their way home. Therefore, a simple and easy one day delivery within a few hours can be assured. The service will be provided by an online platform where shops, couriers and end-user can connect in a simple way. There are multiple advantages of carrying out the delivery process in a crowdsourced way.

First, the people who deliver a package will get a financial reward. Our two surveys with over 70 potential couriers showed that most people will participate if the reward is around €7 for each delivered package. Second, the shops will have to pay less for each delivered package than they would have been charged for a traditional delivery service. But how does the actual process work? It starts on the website of a shop where you can choose the option “delivery by Delivery One”. After the payment the shop prepares the order and when the order is ready to be picked up, all the Delivery One couriers who are in the neighbourhood of the shop get a notification from the mobile application. Now the couriers can see where the shop is located and to which destination they have to deliver the order. One of them can accept to pick it up, heads to the shop and finally delivers it to the end customer. A mock-up of the mobile application from couriers’ perspective and another one of the integrated Delivery One Option on a company’s online shop are shown to offer a better understanding of our solution.


Since the team consist of motivated students with different backgrounds (economics and business, technical), all different aspects of the problem and the solution elaborating process can be covered with combined experience and knowledge.

Contact Person

  • Hans Buysse

Student team

  • Adrian Benesh

  • Fridolin Bodzenta

  • Hans Buysse

  • Berk Cayci

  • Hannes Krebs


  • Alexander Staub

  • Ana Marija Markunovic

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