Sommersemester 2019 - Datasoft GmbH


In our project we worked together with Datasoft Embedded GmbH, an engineering services company in the field of automotive.


Our mail objective was helping to map the technology of the sciencepreneur to a pitch presentation.


After developing a structured action plan, we focused on verifying the problem our technology solves and co-worked on the development of professional pitch slides.

By interviewing leading experts, we gained the most promising and efficient approach. Through LinkedIn we found experts in leading firms and universities and interviewed them via phone calls and skype conferences. Successfully we managed to verify the problem. As a next step we mapped the technology approach to feasible and easy to understand "language". During the course of this process, it turned out quite challenging to explain our solution adequately without hiding important facts.

To find out important markets for our technology, we conducted a top-down market analysis. As a result, we defined our TAM, SAM and SOM. The method we used to assess the competition was by comparing the core features of our technology with possible competitors figuring out the unique selling proposition (USPs).

Last but not least we defined the business model, estimated the expected turn over and calculated the cost we expect within the next 12 months completing our financial plan. Finally, we presented our pitch to a jury in order to get important feedback for investors.


As there is less competition in dedicated market segments, we made the decision for one specific market segment and defined our market entry strategy hoping to conquer all submarkets in the future.

Cooperation Partner

  • DATASOFT Embedded GmbH
    Abt Karl-Straße 23
    A-3390 Melk

Contact Person

  • Diethard Mahorka
    E-Mail: office@datasoft-embedded.com
    WEB: www.datasoft-embedded.com

Student team

  • Ferhat DIZILI

  • Dennis GLOUKHMAN

  • Michael SCHWEIGER


  • Assoz. Prof. Dr. Peter Keinz

  • Barbara Mehner, Msc.

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