Conceptualizing a global matching platform for start-ups and investors


Sommersemester 2019 - Best Fit


Status quo and business idea:

As experienced managers, the three founders, Jan Häupler, Daniel Mattos and Péter Füzes pursue the goal of bringing the global start-up scene closer together and making it more transparent. For this reason, they are currently working on the development of the matching platform BestFit which will aim to globally connect investors, corporations, mentors, and start-ups. Consequently, BestFit will be the world’s first online matching platform with global focus. The founders plan to found the company in the second half of 2019 in Vienna.

How does BestFit work? By filling out an online form and going through a basic identification process, profiles are generated and matched according to personalized filter options. The key element of the platform is the use of a sophisticated algorithm for the matching process. The company wants to focus on an excellent matching process and to keep the platform design as well as the communication via the platform as simple as possible. 

Project goal

At the beginning of the project phase the founders only had the vision of their business idea. Therefore, it was the goal of our project team to firstly validate this idea and secondly develop a strategy as well as a business concept. A strong focus has been put on the external analysis and various experts have been consulted on this matter.


Regular meetings and discussions with the future founders were of fundamental importance to achieve a result that was satisfying for all parties. In addition, a time schedule had to be drawn up at the beginning which presented the individual tasks in a structured manner and ensured timely processing. In order to create the financial plan in the best possible way, intensive research and calculation was carried out.


After intensive market research and various interviews with the potential target groups of the company, a well-thought business plan was written, which will serve the founders as a basis for future operations. The analyses showed that the industry is undergoing a major upheaval and that many companies increasingly want to operate internationally. Especially promising business ideas from emerging markets could thus become reality. The research has also shown that investors and corporations are going to be the main revenue drivers for BestFit. For this reason, BestFit will put a special effort in the acquisition of this target group and focus intensively on marketing and PR in the coming months.

Thanks to this business plan, it is now possible for the founders to turn their vision of a perfect match into reality.

Cooperation Partner

  • BestFit
    Further details announced soon

Contact Person

  • Daniel Mattos
    +43 676 9618985.

Student team

  • Paula Meertz

  • Daniel Peier

  • Alexandra Platek

  • Ferdinand Schwarzer

  • Daniel Weber

  • Alexander Weiskopf


  • Carola Wandres

  • Richard Olbrecht

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