Concept test of a new co-working place for senior creatives and entrepreneurs


Sommersemester 2019 - Itraumi


In order to increase the quality of life for retirees Dr. Nadine Moser founded "i trau mi". The start-up tries to appeal to active senior citizens who are willing to carry out meaningful activities together with other silver agers. This is how the "Traumfabrik" came into being, a place where people can work creatively in different rooms in order to work on their unrealised dreams.

The following questions were addressed this project:

  • How is the concept perceived?

  • How high is the willingness to pay?

  • On the basis of which good practices can the concept be further developed?


The first step of the project was to find good practices for which we mainly used online sources. However, we also contacted people in leading positions in pensioners' clubs to get a better overview. In the end, we were able to identify 13 good practices will help i trau mi to further develop their concept.

Interviews and participant observation were used as qualitative methods to test the concept, flyer and willingness to pay.


After talking with 22 people from the target group at the "Lebenslust Messe" in Vienna, we figured out that the respondents felt addressed and liked the design, but were unable to figure out what i trau mi is actually offering. Based on this information, we provided our project partner with a concrete call to action regarding the design of the upcoming flyers.

Participant Observation

In order to gain a more detailed insight into i trau mi's offer we participated in the monthly information event and carried out a participation observation. This not only enabled us a closer relationship to the project, but also made it possible to record the wishes and needs of the participants. Especially the eagerness to speak and the desire of using their free time to create an impact were notable. Furthermore, the execution of the participant observation was very important in order to identify suitable people for the surveys concerning the concept test of the "Traumfabrik".

Concept test "Traumfabrik"

Our team conducted 26 interviews in the 1st and 19th district of Vienna, which were structured as follows: First the current life situation was described by the respondents, second the concept of i trau mi was presented and finally the respondent's opinions were recorded. Thereby we found out, that the target group especially values the networking factor, which we recommended our project partner focusing on. Furthermore, some interviewees noted that they would be willing to accept i trau mi's offer it they could do so from home, as some do not live in Vienna. Derived from this aspect, the offer should also be made available on the Internet through podcasts or livestreams.

Last but not least, the findings of all methods were brought together to provide Dr. Nadine Moser's start-up i trau mi with a concrete call to action for the further development of her current concept.

Cooperation Partner

  • I trau mi
    Dr. Nadine Moser
    Leystraße 157
    Nordbahnhalle/Bürotrakt Nr. 9
    1020 Wien

Contact Person

  • Dr. Nadine Moser

Student Team

  • Frühwald Johanna

  • Guggenberger Lukas

  • Klein Christian

  • Kofler Tobias

  • Ultsch Valentina


  • Dr. Peter Vandor

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