Cleanster: Car cleaning on-site in entire Vienna.


Start-Up Projekt / Sommersemester 2016


Cleanster aims at revolutionizing car cleaning in the entire DACH region by offering car cleaning services on site. Whereas the customer usually needs to drive his car to a cleaning site, clean it himself or pay a premium to have it picked up and cleaned afterwards, he now only needs to book online with Cleanster and his car will be cleaned on site without any effort on his part. As such, Cleanster targets busy urban professionals who want to save time and value a clean car. Thanks to Cleanster, their needs which have been unaddressed to this date will now be served.


Cleanster's USP relies on four different factors: First and foremost, car cleaning service is offered on-site car and will be performed within 90 minutes after booking. Second, all cars are cleaned per hand on the interior as well as the exterior. Thereby damages which are commonly caused by car washes are avoided and thus the varnish is protected. Third, Cleanster operates in a highly sustainable way, since it employs a waterless cleaning method, hence making an important contribution to the conservation of the environment. In fact, 200 liters of water are saved per cleaning. Finally, Cleanster commits itself to the application of high-quality products only, meaning that all cleanings make use of nanotechnology.

The Cleanster Business Model

Cleanster relies on a two-sided business model for its operations. On the one side are the customers who can easily make their order through the Cleanster website or the app. There are three different use cases in this regard: First, the customer knows both time and place of the cleaning and wants to have the service performed immediately. Second, he knows time but not the location yet and third, he knows the location but not yet the time. By taking account of all these three instances Cleanster provides maximum comfort and simplicity for customers, especially in terms of processing.

On the other side of the business model operates the so-called Cleanster crowd which consists of a large group of freelancers who can accept an incoming customer inquiry for a cleaning and then travel to the respective site and perform the service. In order to ensure an even quality of the service among the crowd, every Cleanster has to undergo training and perform several cleanings under supervision before being allowed to go about alone.

Market Potential and Strategy

Vienna serves as a location for the execution of a proof of concept. Consequently, the following considerations only rely on this very market. The calculated market potential amounts to €117 million per year with this number being based on the following three inputs: the number of registered passenger cars in Vienna (~680,000), the application of an income filter (gross earnings >€30,000 per year) and the assumption of a monthly interior as well as exterior cleaning.

In order to capture that potential, Cleanster will rely on a strong customer and Cleanster acquisition strategy. Customers will be especially addressed through the high service visibility that is present during the performance of the service and through advertisements in car-cleaning-prone areas such as garages and parking lots. Therefore, cooperation with such operators is envisioned and sought. The Cleansters, on the other hand, will be mainly recruited online through diverse student groups on social networks and various job portals. Students represent the most attractive segment in this regard, since they are looking for additional income opportunities and very much value the flexibility that this particular job offers.

Contact Person

Student team

  • Alice Harter, BSc.

  • David Saad, BSc.

  • Nico Binder, BSc.

  • Robin Borowiec, BSc.


  • Dr. Rudolf Dömötör

  • Dr. Kathrin Reinsberger

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