Business Plan for Bright Composite


Sommersemester 2018 / Bright Composite Solutions GmbH


Bright Composite Solutions GmbH is a spin-off company which is planned to be founded in summer 2019. The core team will consist of three dedicated researchers from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) in Vienna.

The product is a polymer composite (which contains semiconductor nanoparticles called Quantum Dots) for producing high-end TV Displays. Through three patented engineering approaches, they can create a specific customer value by providing a better quality, more cost-efficient and less environmentally harmful product.

In the first phase of its existence, the company will produce its quantum dots composites for display producers, mainly in the TV-display sector as this segment currently accounts for around 80% of the demand for quantum dots. The utilization of Bright Composite Solutions’ composites in TV-displays provides increased colour range - close to what the human eye is able to perceive with much lower price compared to the exiting QDs composites on the market. Therefore, its customer value is given by the reduction in toxicity and the improvement of generated colours when using them for LEDs in TV displays.

By supplying quantum dots to these large display producers and licensing the technology, the start-up is able to participate in profits of the potentially $9 billion market in 2023.

Project goal

Due to the fact that at the beginning of the project, only the product idea and implementation existed in an advanced state, the goal was to develop a full strategy and business concept in combination with a respective business plan. Thereby, the focus has been put on an internal as well as external analysis for the prospective company. This included an estimate of the relevant market, the costs involved and a planning horizon for implementation.


In order to derive the final version of the business plan, its components have been developed in a structured way. The project partner has been in contact during the whole process and has delivered the input necessary, given the fact that the company has not existed at the start of the project. Appropriate numbers have been researched and compared within the finance plan, in combination with necessary assumptions.


In total, a comprehensive business plan has been derived from the whole project course. The analysis shows that the current market is not exhausted since companies are just working on new application techniques. Bright Composite Solutions has already found a solution and should therefore be able to enter the market segment. The strategy is to directly contact its prospective customers and to strengthen its reputation in the research community in parallel. A successful initial phase should enable the expansion into similar markets with an advanced product during the next five years.

The project partner can use the overall document for finding potential investors who enable the foundation of the company as well as production and delivery of its high-end polymer nanocomposite solution.

Cooperation Partner

  • Bright Composite Solutions GmbH (in Gründung)
    University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU)
    Muthgasse 11
    1190 Vienna

Contact Person

  • Dr. Behzad Shirmardi Shaghasemi

Student team

  • Larissa Barabasch

  • Christian Bruck

  • Sina Gallist

  • Anna Schönberg

  • Lisa Sternik

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