Studentisches Start-Up Projekt - Sommersemester 2016


Customer Problem

Music Festival attendees that use basic camping facilities provided by the festival always take food & drinks with them in order to be independent of the expensive food stands.

Due to comfort reasons most of the time these attendees buy their food and drinks at a supermarket next to the campsite. Supermarkets often raise their prices on highly demanded goods at the days around the festival. In most cases the supermarkets are located at least a few hundreds of meters away from the festival venue and at higher prices due to festival season, which makes ‘grocery’ shopping an inconvenient must-do.  There has not been any efficient solution for that – until now...

Solution & Service

We provide quality & healthy food and drinks that are tailored to individual customer’s preferences. Customers assemble and pay their boxes online and we deliver them to the campsite, giving our customers an efficient and comfortable service for their festival experience. As festival attendees go to the mostly at least a few hundred meters far away supermarket to get all they need, they would highly benefit from our efficient solution.

Until a week before the Festival customers enter our website and assemble their personal food & drinks Box by fitting it to their individual needs. Price varies by the size of the box and the number of items. Just before payment, the customer chooses his preferred pickup date and then orders the box. From that moment on the only thing the customer has to worry about is getting to the festival and bringing the QR-Code – either printed out or on a mobile phone – he/she has received after payment to be able to collect his box next to the campsite.

We want to cooperate with small food brands or food start-ups to provide them a stage to become an established brand in the market, which will lower costs for food. That is why we will be able to sell our products to the same price as you would get similar ones at the supermarket.

Our diverse Team comprises of three WU-Students (Julia Haitzmann, Lorenz Spuller and Benedikt Spannocchi), who possess knowledge of various fields such as International Business, Entrepreneurship and Automation Engineering, as well as an international student from TU (Pol Cammany Ruiz) with specific logistic expertise.


In Austria, there are more thank 900.000 people going to music festivals per year. In Europe this number of people exceeds 72 Million.

Contact Person

  • Benedikt Spannocchi

Student team

  • Lorenz Spuller (WU)

  • Julia Haitzmann (WU)

  • Benedikt Spannocchi (WU)

  • Pol Cammany Ruiz (TU - ERASMUS)


  • Martin Finkenzeller

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