Booties – The convertible shoes for women


Studentisches Gründungsprojekt / Sommersemester 2015


The brand name „booties“ stands for convertible high heels which are transformable into flat shoes easily and in short time. Booties are as fashionable as traditional high heels in heel-mode and as comfortable as traditional ballerinas in flat-mode. This is achievable thanks to the superior mechanism that allows us to deliver a product without any compromises in design, since a fashionable appearance is the most crucial factor of a woman’s shoe. Other competitors’ solutions on the market are strongly insufficient in this area, which makes the product’s aesthetics our unique selling proposition.

Student team

  • Manuel Bogner
    Paulina Kania
    Tim Herbst
    Igor Kazal
    Mark Spektor


  • Martin Finkenzeller, M.Eng.

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