Studentisches Start-Up / Sommersemester 2017


At, we strive to become HubSpot for influencer marketing. Thus, we pursue three goals: making influencer campaigns efficient, transparent and measurable.


With almost half of the internet users applying ad-blockers, a paradigm change in the space of online advertising has occurred. Digital marketers turned their attention to non-interruptive advertising. The best-case scenario: the ad is not even perceived as such. For these reasons, influencer marketing, especially on Instagram is on the rise.

Solution focuses on so-called micro-influencers who are characterized by both a smaller number of followers (a maximum of 15k in Austria) and a more homogenous audience. Therefore, these followers can identify with their micro-influencers and view them as authorities in their respective niche. As a result, our campaigns drive a significantly above average engagement rate, but at less cost.

Business Model relies on a three-staged approach. As mentioned above, the long-term goal is to become a software as a service provider automating and facilitating influencer marketing campaigns. To master this steep learning curve, the focus throughout the first stage is on working like a traditional influencer marketing agency. In this phase, the goal is to perfect the process from identifying and approaching targeted influencers to executing the campaign at the highest level of quality.

In the next stage, the hybrid phase, we apply our process related expertise to software development to automate the most resource heavy stages of our process. Eventually, transfers from a traditional agency to a tech company selling its software to mainly marketing and content agencies followed by corporate customers.

The challenge is to align the software development with the needs of agencies from the get-go. To develop a better understanding of the future main customers and accelerate the first phase, has successfully negotiated its first direct sales agreements with two agencies who also function as beta customers.

Contact Person

  • Christian Morzsa

Student team

  • Alex Grossmann

  • Christian Morzsa

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