Sommersemester 2021 / Student Start-up


Audiando is an all-in-one platform for museum visitors to buy tickets, audio guides and plan museum visits.

Vision & Mission

Each artwork holds thousands of stories, that stay untold during museum visits. With audiando we want to give all of these exhibition objects a voice and let them tell us their story. We want to create a world where everyone can explore museums through audio and get every information needed during their museum visit, right on their smartphone.

In order to achieve this, we set our first mission to partner up with small museums in the beginning, since they often don't have their own app or have too little resources to develop one that can compete on the market. We will provide a framework and platform for them to get listed on our app, sell tickets, audio guides, and engage in community building.

By developing a one-app-fits-all platform, we bring value to the users and let them easily find new museums or exhibitions they might like. With audiando, museums expand their accessible market segments to users who did not visit museums before. We provide a more individual and intuitive experience.

Why audiando?

During our hypothesis testing and market research we came across the following problems in the industry.

Museum's problems:

  • High investment costs for hardware

  • Hard to keep up with digitalization

  • No one uses in house apps

Visitor's problems:

  • Bad user experience

  • Hygiene (repeated use of headphones)

  • Need to download an app for every single museum

Business Model

Audiando provides solutions to each of these problems in exchange for a yearly membership fee for museums. The membership will be free for the first three months to convince potential customers of our product. Also, we plan to charge a small commission fee for each ticket and audio guide purchased via our app. Museum visitors will have no extra costs and can even save up money, since in-app audio guides purchases will be cheaper than traditional ones.

Where are we now?

After completing five rounds of hypothesis testing, conducting over 200 interviews with museum visitors and five profound interviews with museums we are now at the beginning of developing our first minimum viable product (MVP). It will be based on prototypes we tested during the fifth hypothesis testing round with museum visitors. If you are interested in working with us or need further information visit our website or write us a mail to

With audiando you can hear the world.

Cooperation Partner

  • Audiando GesBR

Contact Person

  • Team Audiando

Student team

  • Ana Capuder

  • Fabian Eisenhut

  • Fabian Hois

  • Georg Meier

  • Leon Janowski

  • Máté Bendegúz Tagai


  • Alexander Staub

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