Studierenden Start-Up / Sommersemester 2017


Are you an adventurer who is always looking to try new things? We at Artisino connect European local food producers and consumers through a new food journey every delievery. People love to explore new food horizons but have limited means, such as time, effort, and knowledge, to do so. That’s why Artisino was born.

What is Artisino about and how does it work?

Artisino delivers a bi-monthly curated selection of gourmet artisanal products picked by local food specialists. Along with a guide sharing the stories of the local people, history and food production to help to create an authentic culinary experience at home. This way Artisino gives provides access to foods from around Europe, information and establishes a connection between producers and customers via our online platform which allows customers to continue to buy their favorite products.

Why Artisino?

1. Suprise bi-monthly food journey: other than knowing the region the box is originating from, the contents is a suprise. This way customers go on a journey through the region; exploring the different tastes and learning about the families and history.

2. Collated Knowledge and Insights: each box contains a guide explaining how the food was produced, who produced it, information about the region and it's history and recipies.

3. Network & Partners: Artisino specialises in local knowledge. We leverage our local food specialists and the knowledge and expertise to deleiver an authenic experience. Further to this, we make every effort to work with small, family-owned companies who follow traditional, biological and organic methods of production.

4. Economies of Scale: by accessing on a large scale, rather than individually, we are able to achieve better prices for our goods which drives the value in the box and allows customers to get more for their money than if they went to the region themsleves.

Business Model

Artisino is primarily a subscription-based business model, however it generates revenue through two main streams. First, it collects money from subscriptions. Secondly, the products from previously featured boxes are available in the online store allowing customers to purchase their favorite products in the future. As Artisino does not stock products, it uses a drop-shipping method for the products it sells in the online shop and charges a commission each time a product is sold.

Join us at and become a part of a European culinary journey!

Contact Person

  • Nejc Rusjan
    +386 51 362 880

Student team

  • Peter A. Andrew

  • Yoana Yordanova

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