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Case Studies on Emerging Markets & CEE

UNIQA vs. VIG - What is the right brand strategy for Central and Eastern Europe?

Arnold Schuh and Ferdinand Mayrhofer, WU Vienna, 2020

Managing a Severe Crisis: PharmaCorp in Ukraine

Phillip C. Nell, Renate Kratochvil, Patricia Klopf, 2017. IVEY Publishing, Product Number 9B17M085

ESET: From a "living-room" firm to a global player in the antivirus software industry

Arnold Schuh, WU Vienna, 2015

Tria Pharmaceuticals in the Baltics: Making a Regional Structure Work

Renate Kratochvil and Phillip C. Nell, 2016. The Case Centre, Reference no. 316-0437-1

IKEA's Ethical Controversies in Saudia Arabia

Christof Miska and Michala Pleskova, 2016.

Pharma Luxur and Institutional Change in Croatia

Phillip C. Nell and Renate Kratochvil, 2016. The Case Centre, Reference No. 316-0392-1