CEE & Emerging Market Teaching @ WU

WU offers a broad variety of courses related to Emerging Markets and/or CEE in all eleven departments. Teaching on Emerging Markets and/or CEE at WU covers five broad areas: Economics, Business, Law, Cultural Diversity and Languages. Some of the WU courses focusing on Emerging Markets cover the topics of Marketing or Investing in Emerging Markets, the Business Environment in the Arab World, East Asian Markets, Simulated Tax Treaty Negotiations with Brazil or Cross-Cultural Competence courses for several EM-regions. The CEE-region is also covered by courses such as Doing Business in CEE, Advanced Strategies in CEE, Business Law in CEE, Newer History of CEE or Cross-Cultural Competence for Central, East and Southeast Europe. Additionally, WU offers a wide spectrum of language courses that include Emerging Markets languages such as Arabic, Portuguese and Spanish as well as CEE-languages such as Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Polish, Russian and Czech.

Under the following links you can find some of the relevant courses offered at WU:

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