Selected Events

An event in cooperation with Neusicht Think Tank and WKO.

Graduation Ceremony of the Master Class CEE 2018/19.

A field trip of the Master Class CEE.
Visits of YSOFT, Visit to JIC – South Moravian Innovation Center, AVAST, Advantage Austria Prague, Hospodářské noviny, ...

An event of the CEE CercleWU.
Highlights: Audi plant visit, sightseeing tour Györ

Eine gemeinsame Veranstaltung mit Neusicht Think Tank und der WKO.

Gäste am Podium:

Jan Zielonka, Professor of European Politics at the University of Oxford and author of the book „Counter-Revolution - Liberal Europe in Retreat“
Wilhelm Molterer, Managing Director, European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI)
Gunter Deuber, Head of Economics Department, Raiffeisen Bank International
Jens Brüning, Location Head Deep Machine Learning, Continental
Gernot Rasch, Group Head of Marketing, A1 Telekom Austria Group
Töre Birol, Vice President Sales CEE, Henkel CEE
Arnold Veraart, Senior Vice President Commercial Asia, Middle East and North Africa, PepsiCo

An event of the CEE CercleWU.

- Marco Hernandez, Lead Economist for the Western Balkans, World Bank
- Nada Knezevic, Director, Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Serbia in Austria
- Konstantin Bekos, Regional Manager SEE, WKO
- Filip Conic, Senior Project Manager, Roland Berger
- Dietmar Reindl, COO, Immofinanz AG

Moderated by Jelena Cerar, Program Manager, Competence Center for Emerging Markets & CEE

A field trip of the Master Class CEE.
Visits to Warsaw School of Economics, InterCars, Daftcode und Warsaw Stock Exchange.

An event in cooperation with Headquarters Austria and the CEE Cercle. (the event was in German language)

Vladimir Preveden, Partner bei Ronald Berger
Phillip C. Nell, Leiter des Kompetenzzentrums für Emerging Markets & CEE der WU Wien
Gottfried Gassner, Rechtsanwalt, Partner von Binder Grösswang
Anna-Sophie Sailer, Universität zu Köln
Stefan Krauter, Chairman und CEO der cargo-partner group.

Leo Hauska, Vorstand von Headquarters Austria und Geschäftsführer der Hauska & Partner Group

Klaus Bauer-Mitterlehner, TPA Group
Stefan Kukacka, Beiersdorf CEE Group
Daniel Rath, Erste Group Bank AG

Arnold Schuh, Direktor des Competence Center for Emerging Markets & CEE

An Emerging Market Talks event.

Julian D. Antos, RHI Magnesita
Martin Fuhrmann, voestalpine/Division High Performance Metals

Arnold Schuh, Direktor des Competence Center for Emerging Markets & CEE

Graduation Ceremony Master Class CEE 2017/18

A field trip of the Master Class CEE.

Visits to EVN Bulgaria, Mondi, Telus International, Walltopia Head Office and Musala Soft.

An Emerging Market Talks Event.


Prof. Dr. Karl Aiginger, Professor at WU and Founder of Policy Crossover Center Vienna Europe

Dr. Peter Vandor, Senior Researcher, Competence Center for NPO and SE at WU

Bistra Kumbaroska, Social Impact Award International

Zoltán Árokszállási, CFA, Chief Macroeconomic Analyst CEE, Erste Bank

Moderation: Dr. Hannes Leo from Communication Based Innovation Systems

An event in cooperation with Neusicht Think Tank and WKO.

Guests: Leszek Balcerowicz (Warsaw School of Economics), Günther Tengel (Amrop Jenewein), Zoltan Bakay (Erste Group), Anton Pelinka (Central European University), Max Kindler (RailCargo) among others

An Emer­ging Market Talks Event.

Panelists: Katharina Schaal-Mulacek, Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF), Margit Kreuzhuber, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO), Nina Poxleitner, More Than One Perspective (MTOP), Stefan Steinberger, refugees{code}, Mohammad Hisham Hawat, ÖIF and MTOP alumnus

Mode­ra­tion: Jelena Cerar, Competence Center for EM&CEE

MC CEE field trip Hungary 2018

A field trip of the Master Class CEE.

Visits to Advantage Austria, various companies (Bosch, Siemens, Black Rock) and Széchenyi István University.

Graduation Ceremony of the 24. JOSZEF-class

13 students from eight countries in total received thier graduation diplomas.

Speech: Vice-Rector Prof. Edith Littich

An Emerging Market Talks event

Guest Speakers:

Georg Karabaczek, Austrian Trade Commissioner in Instanbul

Andreas Vetr, Managing Parnter Turkey, ISG Personalmanagement

Moderation: Arnold Schuh, Director of the WU-Competence Center for Emerging Markets & CEE

Workshop session of the 9th annual GBATA conference

Panelists: Eesa Bastaki (University of Dubai, UAE), Stanley Mukhola (Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa), Arnold Schuh (Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria), Oleg N. Zhilkin (Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Russia)

Moderator: Juergen Muehlbacher (Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria)

A joint event of the Center's Emerging Market Talks series and corporAID Multilogues

Keynote: Prof. Robert Mudida, Strathmore Business School, Nairobi, Kenya

Paneldiscussion with Harald Beutel (Doka), Pierre Prunis (AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA), Hans Stoisser (Ecotec) und Arnold Schuh (WU Wien)

An event in cooperation with the WU's Initiative for Refugees.

Lecturers: Ass. Prof. Dr. Arnold Schuh and Dr. Rahel Falk

A field trip of the Master Class CEE.

Visits to Advantage Austria, Technology Park, Firms (in automotive industries, FMCG, IT), WU-Partneruniversity Zagreb

österreichisches Außenwirtschaftscenter, Technologiepark, Firmenbesuche (Automobil- und IT-Branche), WU-Partneruniversität Zagreb

An event in cooperation with Neusicht and WKO


Erhard Busek, Chairman of the Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe (IDM)

Martin Engelmann, dm Drogeriemarkt

Martina Steinberger-Voracek and Günter Thumser, Henkel CEE

Ivan Miklos, former finance minister of Slovakia

Günther Tengel, Amrop Jenewein, among others.


Vienna's Role as a Regional Hub, 24.11.2016

An event in cooperation with Headquarters Austria, ABA Invest and the CEE Student Cercle.

Moderation: Andreas Breinbauer (HQ Austria)

Guests: Birgit Reiter-Braunwieser (ABA - Invest in Austria), Oliver Csendes (COO, Pioneers), Peter Oswald (Mondi Europe) and Andreas Launer (City of Vienna)

An Emerging Markets Talks event.

Moderation: Prof. Dr. Phillip C. Nell

Panelspeakers: Dr. Julia Wörz (Austrian National Bank) & Dr. Marcus Larsen (Copenhagen Business School)