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Special Collection Kurt W. Rothschild and Josef Steindl

Both private libraries and extensive collections of personal papers are located at WU's Library & Learning Center (LC), in the Special Collections room LC 6.203, level 6, in the OMV Library Center. They house the literary estates of the two eminent Austrian economists Kurt W. Rothschild (1914-2010) and Josef Steindl (1912-1993).

Wilfried Altzinger (WU), who received the scientific library from Kurt W. Rothschild's heirs, and Alois Guger, who inherited Josef Steindl's library already in 1993 after his death, transferred these two collections of works to the University of Economics.

In return, WU has agreed to catalog these work collections and to set them up and manage them in a separate room of the library. Thus, the comprehensive works of the two important Austrian economists can be made freely accessible to all students and library visitors.

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