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Internships for Refugees

As part of its initiative to support refugees, WU offers internship positions for displaced people. The Department of Economics proudly participates in this project.

The internships are aimed at individuals who have been granted asylum in Austria. The target group includes in particular refugees who have begun or even partially or fully completed an education in the fields of economics, the social sciences, or other suitable academic disciplines which qualify them to work at service units or academic units at WU, where they can work on projects.

These internships are intended to help people to build on their previous education and gain a foothold in the labor market more quickly. At the same time, the internships are also meant to help refugees become better integrated into Austrian society and to give them better prospects for the future.

Interns at the Department of Economics
  • Fariba Ghoutaslou (2017)

  • Rouba Kazem (2016)