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BBE Specializations in Economics

Our Department offers 2 specializations in Economics:
Economics Core and Economics Fields

Why specializations in Economics?


We provide supervision for Bachelor-thesis on the basis of successful participation in field courses.

Students who are interested in achieving a primer in economics can study Core in isolation (20 ECTS).

Students who want to achieve expert knowledge in economics should study both Core + Fields (40 ECTS).

We advise you not to take field courses prior to completing the 1st Semester of the core (Adv. Micro + Adv. Macro + Econometrics I).

We recommend the following structure for studying:

Economics Core

There are 5 courses, which should be done in sequence in 2 - 3 semesters

including Econometrics, Micro- and Macroeconomics

This track always starts in winter term!

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Economics Fields

You have to fullfill 3 Courses - you can choose your special fields from a list without sequence



This track starts in summer term 2020!

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