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BBE Specializations in Economics

Our Department offers 2 specializations in Economics:
Economics Core and Economics Fields

Why specializations in Economics?


We are happy to provide supervision for Bachelor-thesis on the basis of successful participation in field courses.

Students who are interested in achieving a primer in economics can study the Core in isolation (20 ECTS).

Students who want to achieve expert knowledge in economics should study both Core + Fields (40 ECTS).

(Note: If you intend to proceed your education with a Master's degree in Economics later, we strongly advise you to study both Core +Fields.)

structure of studying

Based on our extensive experience in teaching economics, we advise you…

…not to take any field courses prior to completing the relevant courses of the Foundations (i.e., Foundations in Microeconomics +Foundations in Macroeconomics + Quantitative Methods I) and the following three courses of the Core: Adv. Micro + Adv. Macro + Econometrics I.

…to take Advanced Microeconomics only after having completed Foundations in Microeconomics and to take Advanced Macroeconomics only after having completed Foundations in Macroeconomics.

Economics Core

Economics Core

There are 5 courses, which should be done in sequence in 2 - 3 semesters

including Econometrics, Micro- and Macroeconomics

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economic fields

Economics Fields

You have to fulfill 3 courses - you can freely choose among a list of specialization courses. There is no particular sequence recommended for those courses.


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