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WU Economics Working Papers

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European In­teg­ra­tion and the Fu­ture In­sti­tu­tions of Europe
Badinger, Har­ald # 264.

‘Piketty is a Genius, but…’: An Ana­lysis of Journ­al­istic Dele­git­im­a­tion of Tho­mas Piketty’s Eco­nomic Policy Pro­pos­als
Rieder, Maria; Hendrik, Theine # 263.

Deal­ing with het­ero­gen­eity in panel VARs us­ing sparse fin­ite mix­tures
Huber, Florian # 262.

Im­plic­a­tions of Mac­roe­co­nomic Volat­il­ity in the Euro Area
Hauzen­ber­ger, Niko; Böck, Max­imilian; Pfarrhofer, Mi­chael; Stelzer, Anna; Zens, Gregor # 261.

Soph­ist­ic­ated and small versus sim­ple and size­able: When does it pay off to in­tro­duce drift­ing coef­fi­cients in Bayesian VARs?
Feldkircher, Martin; Huber, Florian; Kast­ner, Gregor # 260.

Es­tim­at­ing the Trade and Wel­fare Ef­fects of Brexit: A Panel Data Struc­tural Grav­ity Model
Ober­hofer, Har­ald; Pfaf­fer­mayr, Mi­chael # 259.

The Ef­fects of Ger­man Wind and Solar Elec­tri­city on French Spot Price Volat­il­ity: An Em­pir­ical In­vest­ig­a­tion
Hax­himusa, Adhurim # 258.

The propaga­tion of busi­ness sen­ti­ment within the European Union
Kukuvec, Anja; Ober­hofer, Har­ald # 257.

Trade Bal­ance Dy­nam­ics and Ex­change Rates: In Search of the J-­Curve Us­ing a Struc­tural Grav­ity Ap­proach
Badinger, Har­ald; Fichet de Clair­fon­taine, Aurélien # 256.

Mar­ket Il­li­quid­ity, Credit Freezes and En­do­gen­ous Fund­ing Con­straints
Bach­mann, Manuel # 255.


Mar­riage (In)equal­ity: Does the Sexual Ori­ent­a­tion Wage Gap Per­sist Across Mar­ital Status?
Schnee­baum, Alyssa; Nina, Schubert# 254.

Ef­fect­ive­ness of mac­ro­pruden­tial policies un­der bor­rower het­ero­gen­eity
Punzi, Maria Teresa; Rabitsch, Kat­rin # 253.

Europa zwis­chen Glob­al­is­ier­ung und Ren­ation­al­is­ier­ung
Aiginger, Karl # 252.

Hu­man Cap­ital in a Credit Cycle Model
Ku­bin, In­grid; Zörner, Tho­mas # 251.

Threshold coin­teg­ra­tion and ad­apt­ive shrink­age
Huber, Florian; Zörner, Tho­mas # 250.

Re­new­able En­ergy Sources and In­vest­ment in European Power Trans­mis­sion Net­works
Kaloud, To­bias # 249.

Spread­ing the word or re­du­cing the term spread? Assess­ing spillovers from euro area mon­et­ary policy
Feldkircher, Martin; Gruber, Tho­mas ; Huber, Florian # 248.

Do in­di­vidual salar­ies de­pend on the per­form­ance of the peers? Pro­to­type heur­istic and wage bar­gain­ing in the NBA
Ober­hofer, Har­ald; Schwin­ner, Marian # 247.

Spot­light on the be­ne­fi­ciar­ies of EU re­gional funds: A new firm­-­level data­set
Bachtrögler, Ju­lia; Ham­mer, Chris­toph; Reu­ter, Wolf Hein­rich; Schwendinger, Florian # 246.

The mac­roe­co­nomic ef­fects of in­ter­na­tional un­cer­tainty shocks
Crespo Cuaresma, Je­sus; Huber, Florian; Onor­ante, Luca # 245.

Struc­tural breaks in Taylor rule based ex­change rate mod­els - Evid­ence from threshold time vary­ing para­meter mod­els
Huber, Florian # 244.

The short­age of safe as­sets in the US in­vest­ment port­fo­lio: Some in­ter­na­tional evid­ence
Huber, Florian;  Punzi, Maria Teresa # 243.

The true art of the tax deal: Evid­ence on aid flows and bi­lat­eral double tax agree­ments
Braun, Ju­lia; Za­gler, Martin # 242.

Bor­rower het­ero­gen­eity within a risky mort­gage-lend­ing mar­ket
Punzi, Maria Teresa; Rabitsch, Kat­rin # 241.

Bi­lat­eral Trade Agree­ments and Trade Dis­tor­tions in Ag­ri­cul­tural Mar­kets
Hirsch, Cor­nelius; Ober­hofer, Har­ald # 240.

The role of US based FDI flows for global out­put dy­nam­ics
Huber, Florian; Fis­cher Man­fred M.; Piribauer, Phil­ipp # 239.


What Drives De­struc­tion? On the Mal­le­ab­il­ity of Anti-So­cial Be­ha­vior
Müller, Ju­lia; Schwi­eren, Chris­ti­ane; Spitzer, Florian # 238.

Cross-Bor­der Tech­no­logy Dif­fer­ences and Trade Bar­ri­ers: Evid­ence from Ger­man and French Elec­tri­city Mar­kets
Gu­gler, Klaus; Hax­himusa, Adhurim # 237.

Pro­ductiv­ity Growth and the Gen­eral X-­factor in Aus­tria’s Gas Dis­tri­bu­tion
Gu­gler, Klaus; Lieben­steiner, Mario # 236.

Should I stay or should I go? Bayesian in­fer­ence in the threshold time vary­ing para­meter (TTVP) model
Huber, Florian; Kast­ner, Georg; Feldkircher, Martin # 235.

In­vest­ment un­der Un­cer­tainty in Elec­tri­city Gen­er­a­tion
Gu­gler, Klaus; Hax­himusa, Adhurim; Lieben­steiner, Mario; Schind­ler, Nora # 234.

The Re­turns to Preschool At­tend­ance
Fessler, Pirmin; Schnee­baum, Alyssa # 233.

The Gender Wealth Gap Across European Coun­tries
Schnee­baum, Alyssa; Rehm, Miriam; Mader, Kath­ar­ina; Hol­lan, Katar­ina # 232.

Buf­fer stock sav­ings in a New-Keyne­sian busi­ness cycle model
Rabitsch, Kat­rin; Schoder, Chris­tian # 231.

On the ef­fect­ive­ness of EU struc­tural funds dur­ing the Great Re­ces­sion: Es­tim­ates from a het­ero­gen­eous local aver­age treat­ment ef­fects frame­work
Bachtrögler, Ju­lia # 230.

Mac­roe­co­nomic Im­bal­ances and Busi­ness Cycle Syn­chron­iz­a­tion. Why Com­mon Eco­nomic Gov­ernance is Im­per­at­ive for the Euro­zone
Luk­man­ova, El­iza­veta; Tondl, Gab­ri­ele # 229.

Credit Where Credit Is Due: An Ap­proach to Edu­ca­tion Re­turns Based on Shap­ley Val­ues
Barakat, Bilal; Crespo Cuaresma Je­sus # 228.

In­terest rates, cor­por­ate lend­ing and growth in the Euro Area
Tondl, Gab­ri­ele # 227.

In­teg­ra­tion and Ef­fi­ciency of European Elec­tri­city Mar­kets: Evid­ence from Spot Prices
Gu­gler, Klaus; Hax­himusa, Adhurim; Lieben­steiner, Mario # 226.

Non-Sequen­tial Search, Com­pet­i­tion and Price Dis­per­sion in Re­tail Elec­tri­city
Gu­gler, Klaus; Heim, Sven; Lieben­steiner, Mario # 225.

Non­lin­ear­it­ies and Para­meter In­stabil­ity in the Fin­ance-­Growth Nexus
Prettner, Cath­er­ine # 224.

A Rep­res­ent­at­ive Matched Cross-sec­tion Sur­vey for Aus­tria - Meas­ur­ing Worker Flow Dy­nam­ics with the Aus­trian La­bour Force Sur­vey
Schois­wohl, Florian; Wüger, Mi­chael # 223.

Un­con­ven­tional US Mon­et­ary Policy: New Tools, Same Chan­nels?
Feldkircher, Martin; Huber, Florian # 222.

Ad­apt­ive shrink­age in Bayesian vector autore­gress­ive mod­els
Feldkircher, Martin; Huber, Florian # 221.

Trade Costs and In­come in European Re­gions
Ham­mer, Chris­toph; Fichet de Clair­fon­taine Aurélien # 220.

Asym­met­ric in­form­a­tion in the reg­u­la­tion of the ac­cess to mar­kets
Ghis­landi, Si­mone; Kuhn, Mi­chael # 219.

Mar­ket Struc­ture and Com­pet­i­tion in Trans­ition: Res­ults from a Spa­tial Ana­lysis
Lábaj, Martin; Mor­vay, Karol; Sil­anic, Peter; Weiss, Chris­toph; Yontcheva, Bili­ana # 218.

Es­tim­at­ing In­dustry-­level Arm­ing­ton Elast­i­cit­ies For EMU Coun­tries
Aspal­ter; Lisa # 217.

In­ter­na­tional Hous­ing Mar­kets, Un­con­ven­tional Mon­et­ary Policy and the Zero Lower Bound
Huber, Florian; Punzi, Maria Teresa# 216.

Eco­nomic Devel­op­ment and Forest Cover: Evid­ence from Satel­lite Data
Crespo Cuaresma, Je­sus; Danylo, Olha; Fritz, Stef­fen; Mc­Cal­lum, Ian; Ober­steiner, Mi­chael; See, Linda# 215.

Trend Fun­da­ment­als and Ex­change Rate Dy­nam­ics
Huber, Florian; Kaufmann, Daniel # 214.

There is poverty con­ver­gence
Crespo Cuaresma, Je­sus; Klasen, Stephan; Wacker, Kon­stantin M.# 213.

Learn­ing to trust, learn­ing to be trust­worthy
Ber­ger, Ul­rich # 212.

Cog­nit­ive Hi­er­arch­ies in the Min­im­izer Game
Ber­ger, Ul­rich; De Silva, Han­nelore; Fell­ner-Röhling, Ger­linde# 211.

Does in­come inequal­ity af­fect ag­greg­ate con­sump­tion? Re­vis­it­ing the evid­ence
Crespo Cuaresma, Je­sus and Kubala, Jozef and Pet­rikova, Kristina # 210.


US Mon­et­ary Policy in a Glob­al­ized World
Crespo Cuaresma, Je­sus; Dop­pel­hofer, Gernot; Feldkircher, Martin; Huber, Florian# 209.

Re­vis­it­ing the Lu­cas Model
Skritek, Bernhard; Crespo Cuaresma, Je­sus; Kryazhim­skii, Arkadii V.; Prettner, Klaus; Prskawetz, Alexia; Rovenskaya, Elena # 208.

R&D net­works and re­gional know­ledge pro­duc­tion in Europe. Evid­ence from a space-­time model
Wan­zenböck, Iris; Piribauer, Phil­ipp # 207.

Net­work Cent­ral­ity and Mar­ket Prices: An Em­pir­ical Note
Firgo, Mat­thias; Pen­ner­storfer, Di­eter; Weiss, Chris­toph R.# 206.

Who Cre­ates Jobs? Econo­met­ric Mod­el­ing and Evid­ence for Aus­trian Firm Level Data
Huber, Peter; Ober­hofer, Har­ald; Pfaf­fer­mayr, Mi­chael # 205.

The Case for Fis­cal Rules
Badinger, Har­ald; Reu­ter, Wolf Hein­rich# 204.

In­ter­me­di­ary Search for Sup­pli­ers in Pro­cure­ment Auc­tions
Honda, Jun # 203.

Die Volk­swirtschaftslehre an der Hoch­schule für Welthan­del, 1918-1973
Klau­singer, Hansjörg # 202.

A Markov switch­ing factor-aug­men­ted VAR model for ana­lyz­ing US busi­ness cycles and mon­et­ary policy
Huber, Florian; Fis­cher, Man­fred M. # 201.

Eco­nomic Im­pact of In­vest­ment Agree­ments
Bel­lak, Chris­tian # 200.

Bayesian Vari­able Se­lec­tion in Spa­tial Autore­gress­ive Mod­els
Crespo Cuaresma, Je­sus; Piribauer, Phil­ipp # 199.

Grow­ing To­gether? Pro­ject­ing In­come Growth in Europe at the Re­gional Level
Crespo Cuaresma, Je­sus; Dop­pel­hofer, Gernot; Huber, Florian; Piribauer, Phil­ipp # 198.

Games with the Total Band­wagon Prop­erty
Honda, Jun # 197.

Fis­cal Rules and Twin De­fi­cits: The Link between Fis­cal and Ex­ternal Bal­ances
Badinger, Har­ald; Fichet de Clair­fon­taine, Aurélien; Reu­ter, Wolf Hein­rich # 196.

The Na­tionalöko­nomis­che Gesell­schaft (Aus­trian Eco­nomic As­so­ci­ation, NOeG) in the In­ter­war Period and Bey­ond
Klau­singer, Hansjörg # 195.

Test­ing the Global Bank­ing Glut Hy­po­thesis
Punzi, Maria Teresa; Kauko, Karlo # 194.

A Com­pre­hens­ive Ap­proach to Pos­terior Joint­ness Ana­lysis in Bayesian Model Aver­aging Ap­plic­a­tions
Crespo Cuaresma, Je­sus; Grün, Bet­tina; Hof­marcher, Paul; Hu­mer, Stefan; Moser, Math­ias# 193.


In­formal en­vir­on­mental reg­u­la­tion of in­dus­trial air pol­lu­tion: Does neigh­bor­hood inequal­ity mat­ter?
Moser, Math­ias; Zwickl, Klara # 192.

The Geo­graphy of Aver­age In­come and Inequal­ity: Spa­tial Evid­ence from Aus­tria
Moser, Math­ias; Schnet­zer, Mat­thias # 191.

Ver­tical Dis­in­teg­ra­tion in the European Elec­tri­city Sector: Em­pir­ical Evid­ence on Lost Syn­er­gies
Gu­gler, Klaus; Lieben­steiner, Mario; Schmitt, Stephan # 190.

In­vestor bor­row­ing het­ero­gen­eity in a Kiyotaki-­Moore style macro model
Punzi, Maria Teresa; Rabitsch Kat­rin # 189.

De­tect­ing Col­lu­sion in Spa­tially Dif­fer­en­ti­ated Mar­kets
Firgo, Mat­thias; Kügler, Ag­nes # 188.

Sov­er­eign Debt and Eco­nomic Growth Re­vis­ited: The Role of (Non-)Sus­tain­able Debt Thresholds
An­tonakakis, Nikolaos # 187.

The Gender Wealth Gap in Europe
Schnee­baum, Alyssa; Rehm, Miriam; Mader, Kath­ar­ina; Klopf, Pa­tri­cia; Hol­lan, Katar­ina # 186.

How to re­veal people's pref­er­ences: Com­par­ing time con­sist­ency and pre­dict­ive power of mul­tiple price list risk eli­cit­a­tion meth­ods
Cser­mely, Tamás; Ra­bas, Al­ex­an­der # 185.

Fore­cast­ing Global Equity In­dices Us­ing Large Bayesian VARs
Huber, Florian; Krisztin, Tamás; Piribauer, Phil­ipp # 184.

Ag­gre­grav­ity: Es­tim­at­ing Grav­ity Mod­els from Ag­greg­ate Data
Badinger, Har­ald; Crespo Cuaresma, Je­sus # 183.

Does Fis­cal Con­sol­id­a­tion Really Get You Down? Evid­ence from Sui­cide Mor­tal­ity
An­tonakakis, Nikolaos; Collins, Alan # 182.

Sum­mar­iz­ing Data us­ing Par­tially Ordered Set The­ory: An Ap­plic­a­tion to Fis­cal Frame­works in 97 Coun­tries
Bachtrögler, Ju­lia; Badinger, Har­ald; Fichet de Clair­fon­taine, Aurélien; Reu­ter, Wolf Hein­rich # 181.

House Prices, Cap­ital In­flows and Mac­ro­pruden­tial Policy
Men­di­cino, Ca­ter­ina; Punzi, Maria Teresa # 180.

Dens­ity Fore­cast­ing us­ing Bayesian Global Vector Autore­gres­sions with Com­mon Stochastic Volat­il­ity
Huber, Florian # 179.

Does Eld­erly Em­ploy­ment have an Im­pact on Youth Em­ploy­ment? A Gen­eral Equi­lib­rium Ap­proach
Sti­assny, Al­fred; Uhl, Christina # 178.

Spa­tial in­ter­ac­tions in loca­tion de­cisions: Em­pir­ical evid­ence from a Bayesian spa­tial probit model
Nikolic, Ad­ri­ana; Weiss, Chris­toph # WP 177.

Can Mac­roe­conom­ists Get Rich Fore­cast­ing Ex­change Rates?
Cost­antini, Mauro; Crespo Cuaresma, Je­sus; Hlouskova, Jaroslava # WP 176.

From Rome to Lis­bon and Bey­ond: Mem­ber States' Power, Ef­fi­ciency, and Pro­por­tion­al­ity in the EU Coun­cil of Min­is­ters
An­tonakakis, Nikolaos ; Badinger, Har­ald; Reu­ter, Wolf H. # WP 175.

In­tergen­er­a­tional Edu­ca­tional Per­sist­ence in Europe
Altzinger, Wil­fried; Rumpl­maier, Bernhard; Schnee­baum, Alyssa # WP 174.

Fixed Ef­fects and Ran­dom Ef­fects Es­tim­a­tion of Higher­-Order Spa­tial
Autore­gress­ive Mod­els with Spa­tial Autore­gress­ive and Het­ero­ske­dastic Dis­turb­ances

Badinger, Har­ald; Eg­ger, Peter # WP 173.
Cor­ri­gendum to WU Eco­nom­ics Work­ing Pa­per No 173

So­cial Pref­er­ences and Vot­ing on Re­form: An Ex­per­i­mental Study
Paet­zel, Fa­bian; Saus­gruber, Rupert; Traub, Stefan # WP 172.

An In­com­plete Mar­kets Ex­plan­a­tion to the UIP Puzzle
Rabitsch, Kat­rin # WP 171.

Edu­ca­tion and the Trans­ition to Sus­tained Demo­cracy
Crespo Cuaresma, Je­sus; Ober­dabernig, Doris A. # WP 170.

The dy­nam­ics of re­turns to edu­ca­tion in Uganda: Na­tional and sub­n­a­tional trends
Crespo Cuaresma, Je­sus; Raggl, Anna # WP 169.

Evolu­tion­ary Sta­bil­ity of In­dir­ect Re­cipro­city by Im­age Scor­ing
Ber­ger, Ul­rich; Grüne, Ans­gar # WP 168.

Fin­an­cial Stress, Sov­er­eign Debt and Eco­nomic Activ­ity in In­dus­tri­al­ized Coun­tries: Evid­ence from Dy­namic Threshold Re­gres­sions
Proaño, Chris­tian R.; Schoder, Chris­tian; Semmler, Willi # WP 167.

Dy­namic Spillovers of Oil Price Shocks and Policy Un­cer­tainty

An­tonakakis, Nikolaos; Chat­zi­an­to­niou, Ioan­nis; Filis, George # WP 166.

Pro­spect­ive Age­ing and Eco­nomic Growth in Europe
Crespo Cuaresma, Je­sus; Lábaj, Martin; Pružinský, Pat­rik # WP 165.

Re­gional in­teg­ra­tion, in­ter­na­tional lib­er­al­isa­tion and the dy­nam­ics of in­dus­trial ag­glom­er­a­tion
Com­mend­atore, Pasquale; Ku­bin, In­grid; Pet­ra­glia, Car­melo; Sushko, Iryna # WP 164.

(In)equal­ity in Edu­ca­tion and Eco­nomic Devel­op­ment
Sauer, Petra; Za­gler Martin # WP 163.

A Two Period Model with Port­fo­lio Choice: Un­der­stand­ing Res­ults from Dif­fer­ent Solu­tion Meth­ods
Rabitsch, Kat­rin; Stepan­chuk, Ser­hiy # WP 162.

Stra­tegic sig­nal­ing or emo­tional sanc­tion­ing? An ex­per­i­mental study of ex post com­mu­nic­a­tion in a re­peated pub­lic goods game
Zyl­ber­sztejn, Adam # WP 161.

An em­pir­ical assess­ment of Fairtrade: A per­spect­ive for low- and middle-in­come coun­tries?
Nindl, El­isa­beth # WP 160.

In­ter­na­tional Port­fo­lios: A Com­par­ison of Solu­tion Meth­ods
Rabitsch, Kat­rin; Stepan­chuk, Ser­hiy; Tsyren­nikov, Viktor # WP 159.


Model un­cer­tainty in mat­rix ex­po­nen­tial spa­tial growth re­gres­sion mod­els
Fis­cher, Man­fred M.; Piribauer, Phil­ipp # WP 158.

The gendered nature of in­tra-­house­hold de­cision mak­ing in and across Europe
Mader, Kath­ar­ina; Schnee­baum, Alyssa # WP 157.

Gender and Migra­tion Back­ground in In­tergen­er­a­tional Edu­ca­tional Mobil­ity
Schnee­baum, Alyssa; Rumpl­maier, Bernhard; Altzinger, Wil­fried # WP 156.

Aca­demic Anti-Semit­ism and the Aus­trian School: Vi­enna, 1918-1945
Klau­singer, Hans­jo­erg # WP 155.

Spacey Par­ents and Spacey Hosts in FDI
Badinger, Har­ald; Eg­ger, Peter # WP 154.

The­or­et­ical vs. Em­pir­ical Power In­dices: Do Pref­er­ences Mat­ter?
Badinger, Har­ald; Mühlböck, Monika; Nindl, El­isa­beth; Reu­ter, Wolf Hein­rich # WP 153.

Pro­ject­ing Long-Term Primary En­ergy Con­sump­tion
Csereklyei, Zsu­z­sanna; Hu­mer, Stefan # WP 152.

Meas­ur­ing the Im­pacts of Nuc­lear Ac­ci­dents on En­ergy Policy
Csereklyei, Zsu­z­sanna # WP 151.

Does the Wel­fare State Des­troy the Fam­ily? Evid­ence from OECD Mem­ber Coun­tries
Halla, Martin; Lack­ner, Mario; Scharler, Jo­hann # WP 150.

Does Cus­tody Law Af­fect Fam­ily Be­ha­vior In and Out of Mar­riage?
Böheim, René; Francesconi, Marco; Halla, Martin # WP 149.

In­ter­na­tional Com­par­is­ons of House­hold Sav­ing Rates and Hid­den In­come
Walther, Her­bert; Sti­assny, Al­fred # WP 148.


Mod­el­ling Primary En­ergy Con­sump­tion un­der Model Un­cer­tainty
Csereklyei, Zsu­z­sanna; Hu­mer, Stefan # WP 147.

Eco­nomic in­teg­ra­tion and ag­glom­er­a­tion in a cus­toms union in the pres­ence of an out­side re­gion
Com­mend­atore, Pasquale; Ku­bin, In­grid; Pet­ra­glia, Car­melo; Sushko, Iryna # WP 146.

De­com­pos­ing wage dis­crim­in­a­tion in Ger­many and Aus­tria with coun­ter­fac­tual dens­it­ies
Grand­ner, Tho­mas; Gstach, Di­eter # WP 145.

Re­vis­it­ing the Ef­fects of IMF Pro­grams on Poverty and Inequal­ity
Ober­dabernig, Doris An­ita # WP 144.

In­come con­ver­gence pro­spects in Europe: Assess­ing the role of hu­man cap­ital dy­nam­ics
Crespo Cuaresma, Je­sus; Havettová, Miroslava; Lábaj, Martin # WP 143.

The Great Syn­chron­iz­a­tion of In­ter­na­tional Trade Col­lapse
An­tonakakis, Nikolaos # WP 142.

Out­put Volat­il­ity, Eco­nomic Growth, and Cross-­Coun­try Spillovers: New Evid­ence for the G7 Coun­tries
An­tonakakis, Nikolaos; Badinger, Har­ald # WP 141.

Busi­ness Cycle Syn­chron­iz­a­tion Dur­ing US Re­ces­sions Since the Be­gin­ning of the 1870's
An­tonakakis, Nikolaos # WP 140.

Glob­al­iz­a­tion, Inequal­ity, and Cor­rup­tion
Badinger, Har­ald; Nindl, El­isa­beth # WP 139.

After Two Dec­ades of In­teg­ra­tion: How In­ter­de­pend­ent are Eastern European Econom­ies and the Euro Area?
Prettner, Cath­er­ine; Prettner, Klaus # WP 138.

Bor­der Col­li­sion Bi­furc­a­tions in Boom and Bust Cycles
Ku­bin, In­grid; Gardini, Laura # WP 137.

Cross-Bor­der Mer­gers and Do­mestic Wages: In­teg­rat­ing Pos­it­ive Spillover Ef­fects and Neg­at­ive Bar­gain­ing Ef­fects
Clougherty, Joseph A.; Gu­gler, Klaus # WP 136.


From rags to riches? In­tergen­er­a­tional trans­mis­sion of in­come in Europe
Schnet­zer, Mat­thias and Altzinger, Wil­fried # WP 135.


L. Al­bert Hahn's Eco­nomic The­ory of Bank Credit
Hage­mann, Har­ald # WP 134.

Het­ero­gen­eous pro­ductiv­ity in vol­un­tary pub­lic good pro­vi­sion - an ex­per­i­mental ana­lysis
Fell­ner, Ger­linde, Iida, Yoshio, Kröger, Sabine and Seki, Erika # WP 133.

Ag­glom­er­a­tion pro­cesses in aging so­ci­et­ies
Grafene­der­-­Weis­steiner, Theresa and Prettner, Klaus # WP 131.

Demo­graphic change, growth and ag­glom­er­a­tion
Grafene­der­-­Weis­steiner, Theresa # WP 132.

The State of Wage Con­ver­gence in the European Mon­et­ary Union
Ram­sko­gler, Paul # WP 130.


The fin­ance-­dom­in­ated growth re­gime, dis­tri­bu­tion, and ag­greg­ate de­mand in the US
On­aran, Özlem and Stock­ham­mer, En­gel­bert and Grafl, Lu­cas # WP 126.

The fin­ance-­dom­in­ated ac­cu­mu­la­tion re­gime, in­come dis­tri­bu­tion and the present crisis
Stock­ham­mer, En­gel­bert # WP 127.

Banks, fin­an­cial mar­kets, and in­ter­na­tional con­sump­tion risk shar­ing
Leibrecht, Markus and Scharler, Jo­hann # WP 128.

Ag­glom­er­a­tion and pop­u­la­tion aging in a two re­gion model of exo­gen­ous growth
Grafene­der­-­Weis­steiner, Theresa and Prettner, Klaus # WP 125.

Pos­i­tion­ing Pub­lic Ser­vice Broad­cast­ing in a Com­pet­it­ive TV Mar­ket. Small Coun­try Pro­gram­ming Strategies based on a Wide-Reach Genre
Fell­ner, Wolfgang and Grisold, Andrea # WP 129.


Con­trast­ing the dy­namic pat­terns of man­u­fac­tur­ing and ser­vice FDI: Evid­ence from trans­ition econom­ies
Riedl, Aleksandra # WP 117.

Share­holder value ori­ent­a­tion, dis­tri­bu­tion and growth - short- and me­di­um-run ef­fects in a Kaleckian model
Hein, Eck­hard # WP 120.

The ef­fect of im­port pen­et­ra­tion on labor mar­ket out­comes in Aus­trian man­u­fac­tur­ing in­dustry
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Co­oper­a­tion in local and global groups
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Causes, con­sequences, and cures of my­opic loss aver­sion - an ex­per­i­mental in­vest­ig­a­tion
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Job qual­ity and wages in duop­sony
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The ef­fect of for­eign af­fil­i­ate em­ploy­ment on wages, em­ploy­ment, and the wage share in Aus­tria
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Fin­an­cial un­cer­tainty and busi­ness in­vest­ment
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Post Keyne­sian eco­nom­ics - how to move for­ward
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