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Ecological Economics Seminars

Below you find the list of our In­sti­tute for Eco­lo­gical Eco­nom­ics Sem­inars (IEES) in SS 2018:

March 7, 201813:00-14:00D5.3.033Ar­mon RezaiCli­mate policy and stran­ded car­bon as­sets
April 11, 201813:00-14:00EA.1.013Ines OmannThe bioeconomy we need: A re­gional devel­op­ment ap­proach to the bioeconomy
April 25, 201813:00-14:00D1.2.092Mi­chael MiessEco­nomic Fore­cast­ing with an Agent-­based Model
May 9, 201813:00-14:00D5.3.033Louison Ca­hen-­FourotThe reg­u­la­tion of cap­it­al­ism and cli­mate reg­u­la­tion
May 23, 201813:00-14:00EA.1.013Stefanie PeerEn­vir­on­mental and so­cio-e­co­nomic aspects of autonom­ous, con­nec­ted, elec­tric and shared ve­hicles (ACES)
June 6, 201813:00-14:00D1.2.092Stefanie Ger­oldInequal­ity of work­ing hours, in­come inequal­ity, and the role of col­lect­ive bar­gain­ing
June 27, 201813:00-14:00D5.3.033Ern­est AignerThe fo­cus of aca­demic eco­nom­ics: Be­fore and after the crisis

For fur­ther in­form­a­tion on the IEES Ser­ies please con­tact the Co­ordin­ator Emanuele Cam­piglio.

Past IEES Ser­ies:
WS 2017/18