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Ecological Economics Seminars

Below you find the list of our Institute for Ecological Economics Seminars (IEES) in SS 2018:

March 7, 201813:00-14:00D5.3.033Armon RezaiClimate policy and stranded carbon assets
April 11, 201813:00-14:00EA.1.013Ines OmannThe bioeconomy we need: A regional development approach to the bioeconomy
April 25, 201813:00-14:00D1.2.092Michael MiessEconomic Forecasting with an Agent-based Model
May 9, 201813:00-14:00D5.3.033Louison Cahen-FourotThe regulation of capitalism and climate regulation
May 23, 201813:00-14:00EA.1.013Stefanie PeerEnvironmental and socio-economic aspects of autonomous, connected, electric and shared vehicles (ACES)
June 6, 201813:00-14:00D1.2.092Stefanie GeroldInequality of working hours, income inequality, and the role of collective bargaining
June 27, 201813:00-14:00D5.3.033Ernest AignerThe focus of academic economics: Before and after the crisis

For further information on the IEES Series please contact the Coordinator Emanuele Campiglio.

Past IEES Series:
WS 2017/18