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SCHANES Karin, Dipl.-Ing.


Rese­arch Asso­ciate

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Welt­han­dels­­platz 1/D5/level 3
1020 Vi­enna, Aus­tria

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  • Sus­tain­able Con­sump­tion

  • Cli­mate Policy

  • Food Con­sump­tion

  • Food Waste

  • So­cial prac­tice the­ory


Cur­rent Pro­jects

Food­Clim - Re­du­cing the con­tri­bu­tion of food waste to Aus­tria's GHG emis­sions (fun­ded by Aus­trian Cli­mate Re­search Pro­gram ACRP).­

Past Pro­jects
  • GREEN-WIN - Green growth and win-win strategies for sus­tain­able cli­mate ac­tion (fun­ded by European Ho­ri­zon 2020 Pro­gramme)

  • CAR­BON CAP Car­bon emis­sion mit­ig­a­tion by Con­sump­tion-­based Ac­count­ing and Policy (fun­ded by European Sev­enth Frame­work Pro­gramme)

  • POL­FREE Policy op­tions for a Re­source ef­fi­cient European Economy (fun­ded by European Sev­enth Frame­work Pro­gramme)

  • RESPON­DER Link­ing Sus­tain­able Con­sump­tion and Pro­duc­tion and Growth De­bates (fun­ded by European Sev­enth Frame-­work Pro­gramme)

Re­cent Pub­lic­a­tions

  • Schanes, K., Jäger, J., Drum­mond, P., 2018. Three Scen­ario Nar­rat­ives for a Re­source-Ef­fi­cient and Low-­Car­bon Europe in 2050. Eco­lo­gical Eco­nom­ics.

  • Schanes, K., Dobernig, K., Gözet, B., 2018. Food waste mat­ters - A sys­tem­atic re­view of house­hold food waste prac­tices and their policy im­plic­a­tions. Journal of Cleaner Pro­duc­tion 182, 978-991.

  • Schanes, K., Giljum, S., Her­twich, E., 2016. Low car­bon life­styles: A frame­work to struc­ture con­sump­tion strategies and op­tions to re­duce car­bon foot­prints. Journal of Cleaner Pro­duc­tion 139, 1033-1043

  • Schanes, K., Dobernig, K., Gözet, B. (2016). CLI­MATE CHANGE & CON­SUMP­TION – AN IN­SEP­AR­ABLE COUPLE? Kur­swech­sel

  • Schanes, K., Giljum, S., Hin­ter­ber­ger, F., Wieland H., van der Voet, E., 2015. List of life-­cycle mi­cro-­level op­tions for con­sump­tion based cli­mate mit­ig­a­tion. Work­ing Pa­per

  • Kam­mer­lander, M., Schanes, K., Hartwig, F., Jäger, J., Omann, I., O’Keeffe, M., 2015. A re­source-ef­fi­cient and suf­fi-­cient fu­ture mobil­ity sys­tem for im­proved well-be­ing in Europe. European Journal of Fu­tures Re­search 3, 1-11

  • O’Brien, M., Hartwig, F., Schanes, K., Kam­mer­lander, M., Omann, I., Wilts, H., Bleis­chwitz, R., Jäger, J., 2014. Liv­ing within the safe op­er­at­ing space: a vi­sion for a re­source ef­fi­cient Europe. European Journal of Fu­tures Re­search 2, 1-11

  • Kam­mer­lander, M., Buschmann, D., Mock, M., Omann, I., Schanes, K., Jäger, J., 2013. Vi­sions and Path­ways To­wards sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment. IPW Work­ing Pa­per

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