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Student Courses

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At the Master's Level (Teaching Language: English)

Common Body of Knowledge

Information Systems and Development:
User-Centered Information Systems Design, Strategy and Technology
Information Systems and Management:
Innovation Management

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Competence Field SUSTAINABLE IT

Course 1: Ethical System Design
Course 2: Privacy and Security
Course 3: Sustainable Information Systems Seminar
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At the Bachelor's Level (Teaching Language: German/English)


The introductory course to Business Information Systems 
(in co-operation with the Institute for IS and New Media)


Business Information Systems II 

Business Information Systems

Specialized courses to prepare students for IS Management:

K1: Foundations of ICT/Grundzüge der IKT (pdf)

K2: IS Business Models and Foundations (pdf)

K3: Corporate IT I: Information Structures (pdf)

K4: Corporate IT II: E-Services (pdf)

K3: Business Programming I (pdf)

K4: Business Programming II (pdf)

K3: E-Marketing & Commerce I 

K4: E-Marketing & Commerce II

K3: Intelligent Costumer Interaction I

K4: Intelligent Costumer Interaction II

K5: Seminar aus Wirtschaftsinformatik

Zugangsregelung und Anmeldungsinformation

Curriculum 2003 ("Wirtschaftsinformatik")


IT Strategy

IT Specialization

GK 1: User Driven System Design*
GK 2: E-Services*
VK 1: Value Sensitive Design*
VK 2: E-Marketing*
VK 3: Internet Economics and E-Market Models*
VK 4: IS and Society*
VK 4: Privacy and Security*
VK 5: IS Service Compliance and Risk Management*

*Deprecated courses not further offered from WS 2013/14

VK 6: Web Analytics (Projektseminar)
VK 6: Ski Seminar (pdf)