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Required Reading (Pflichtliteratur)

Further Practice

Further practice materials are available for each level (EBC1, 2, 3) on Learn@WU. They can be found in the section 'Lernen & Üben' on the e-learning platform (see the menu on the left). You may also want to consult the Study Tips shown on the EBC1 portal of Learn@WU, which are accessible to all students at the 'LMS' level under 'Informieren: Syllabus'.

In addition to these electronic practice materials, the book Language Training for English Business Communication: Prüfungsvorbereitung für EBC1 & EBC2 by Gerlinde Mautner (MBS, 3., revised and enlarged edition, 2011) is strongly recommended.

Additional resources can be found at the Raiffeisen Language Resource Center (LRC), which provides access to a wide range of study materials and electronic means to support your language learning. It comprises a self-access area, two digital language labs and a seminar room, which can be found on level 2 of the Central Library in the LC building.

For English, the LRC offers a toolkit aimed at intermediate students who want to prepare for their EBC courses. You can find more information about this toolkit, which comprises a placement test, several books and software packages, here. At the bottom of the page, there is a drop-down menu listing further practice materials that will help you improve your skills in the areas of grammar, vocabulary, writing and reading.