Current Bachelor Thesis Topics

Bachelor Thesis Topics WS 2022/2023

Bachelor thesis topics will be assigned primarily to students of our SBWLs; and within this group of students, to those who have passed most SBWL courses, i.e., bring the necessary prior subject knowledge for successfully writing the bachelor thesis (ideally, have already passed the SBWL Research Seminar).

1. Querying Very Large Graph databases

Supervisor: Axel Polleres

2. Visualizing Open Data in Virtual and Augmented Reality - How can AR and VR be used to improve exploration of data?

Supervisor: Johann Mitlöhner

3. Text Mining using Deep Learning with Tensorflow and GPU

Supervisor: Johann Mitlöhner

4. Platform Outages and Online Activity

Supervisor: Johannes Wachs

5. Geographic Dynamics of Software Use

Supervisor: Johannes Wachs

6. Identifying Open Source Software Dependencies in Smartphone Apps

Supervisor: Johannes Wachs

7. The impact of digital technologies on business processes – insights from published case studies

Supervisor: Monika Malinova Mandelburger

8. How do digital technologies affect the customer’s experience and convenience?

Supervisor: Monika Malinova Mandelburger

9. Executive decision-making with process models

Supervisor: Monika Malinova Mandelburger

10. A Survey of AI Audit Tools

Supervisor: Marta Sabou

11. Benchmarking human-centric ontology defects

Supervisor: Marta Sabou

12. Analyzing Constraint Languages for Knowledge Graphs

Supervisor: Nicolas Ferranti

13. Modeling emerging patterns of Human-AI Collaboration in Hybrid Intelligence Systems

Supervisor: Elmar Kiesling

14. Building Knowledge Graphs from text data

Supervisor: Dawa Chang

15. Deep Learning in Business Process Management: A reproducibility study

Supervisor: Stefan Bachhofner

16. Performance Evolution of In-Knowledge Graph Tasks: A Structured Literature Review

Supervisor: Stefan Bachhofner

17. Performance Evolution of Out-of-Knowledge Graph Tasks: A Structured Literature Review

Supervisor: Stefan Bachhofner

18. Examining Cognitive Effectiveness of Process Mining Representations

Supervisor: Djordje Djurica

19. Measuring the availability of Open Datasets in the web, a consolidation work in monitoring Open Data portals

Supervisors: Shahrom H. Sohi, Axel Polleres

20. Accessing open transport information for service oriented mobility

Supervisor: Shahrom H. Sohi

21. Analysing the evolution of community-driven (sub-)schemas within Wikidata

Supervisors: Axel Polleres and Nicolas Ferranti

22. The self concept in Spiritual Knowledge Management

Supervisors: Alexander Kaiser, Birgit Fordinal

23. Exploring the Relationship between Practical Wisdom and Performance: Employing the Organizational Phronesis Scale

Supervisor: Florian Kragulj