Current Thesis Topics

WS 2022/2023

1. Querying Very Large Graph databases

Supervisor: Axel Polleres

2. Visualizing Open Data in Virtual and Augmented Reality - How can AR and VR be used to improve exploration of data?

Supervisor: Johann Mitlöhner

3. Text Mining using Deep Learning with Tensorflow and GPU

Supervisor: Johann Mitlöhner

4. Platform Outages and Online Activity

Supervisor: Johannes Wachs

5. Geographic Dynamics of Software Use

Supervisor: Johannes Wachs

6. Identifying Open Source Software Dependencies in Smartphone Apps

Supervisor: Johannes Wachs

7. The impact of digital technologies on business processes – insights from published case studies

Supervisor: Monika Malinova Mandelburger

8. How do digital technologies affect the customer’s experience and convenience?

Supervisor: Monika Malinova Mandelburger

9. Executive decision-making with process models

Supervisor: Monika Malinova Mandelburger

10. A Survey of AI Audit Tools

Supervisor: Marta Sabou

11. Benchmarking human-centric ontology defects

Supervisor: Marta Sabou

12. Analyzing Constraint Languages for Knowledge Graphs

Supervisor: Nicolas Ferranti

13. Modeling emerging patterns of Human-AI Collaboration in Hybrid Intelligence Systems

Supervisor: Elmar Kiesling

14. Building Knowledge Graphs from text data

Supervisor: Dawa Chang

15. Deep Learning in Business Process Management: A reproducibility study

Supervisor: Stefan Bachhofner

16. Performance Evolution of In-Knowledge Graph Tasks: A Structured Literature Review

Supervisor: Stefan Bachhofner

17. Performance Evolution of Out-of-Knowledge Graph Tasks: A Structured Literature Review

Supervisor: Stefan Bachhofner

18. Examining Cognitive Effectiveness of Process Mining Representations

Supervisor: Djordje Djurica

19. Measuring the availability of Open Datasets in the web, a consolidation work in monitoring Open Data portals

Supervisors: Shahrom H. Sohi, Axel Polleres

20. Accessing open transport information for service oriented mobility

Supervisor: Shahrom H. Sohi

21. Analysing the evolution of community-driven (sub-)schemas within Wikidata

Supervisors: Axel Polleres and Nicolas Ferranti

22. The self concept in Spiritual Knowledge Management

Supervisors: Alexander Kaiser, Birgit Fordinal

23. Exploring the Relationship between Practical Wisdom and Performance: Employing the Organizational Phronesis Scale

Supervisor: Florian Kragulj