Current Thesis Topics

WS 2020

1. Interorganizational Imitation and Collective Rationality – How Mimetic Pressures shape the Process Mining Industry

Supervisor: Lukas Pfahlsberger

2. Visual analytics for process mining

Supervisor: Anton Yeshchenko

3.Connecting Business Process, Business Model, and Product Innovation (Master)

Supervisor: Bastian Wurm

4. Visualization of Process Scripts and Instances

Supervisor: Jan Mendling

5. Generating Ethereum Programs from Process Scripts

Supervisor: Jan Mendling

6. Potential for Open Access and Open Data in WU's research publications

Supervisor: Axel Polleres

7. Platforms for Research Data Management

Supervisor: Axel Polleres

8. Visualizing Open Data in Virtual and Augmented Reality

Supervisor: Johann Mitlöhner

9. Differences of Query Performance between Relational databases and Graph databases for event-based data

Supervisor: Philipp Waibel, Jan Mendling

10. Suspicious event sequence detection for process mining

Supervisor: Jan Mendling

11. Analyzing the structure of openly available Knowledge Graphs in order to assess requirements for the provision of publis SPARQL query interfaces - Supervisor: Polleres, Azzam

12. University Contributions and Collaborations in Open Source Software

Supervisor: Johannes Wachs

13. Mining Collaboration Networks of Open Source Software Projects

Supervisor: Johannes Wachs

15. Mining Event Attributes' Association Rules

Supervisor: Dina Bayomie

16. Declarative process discovery in CMMN notation

Supervisor: Alessio Cecconi

17. Threat intelligence sharing standards and tools in information security management

Supervisor: Andreas Ekelhart

18. Graph embeddings for log analysis

Supervisor: Andreas Ekelhart

19. Semantic representation in Industry 4.0

Supervisor: Elmar Kiesling

20. Knowledge Graphs in Manufacturing Applications

Supervisor: Elmar Kiesling

21. RPA-enabled blockchain oracle

Supervisor: Maxim Vidgof

22. Learning a process model from explicit and implicit activities

Supervisor: Saimir Bala, Jan Mendling

23. Data quality in process mining: where is the area standing and which are the open challenges?

supervisor: Kate Revoredo

24. An exploratory study on context-aware business process prediction

supervisor: Kate Revoredo

25.The Effects of DMN Decision Table Structure and Color Highlighting on Decision-making Process

Supervisor: Djordje Djurica

26. Investigating the Layout of DMN Decision Tables

Supervisor:Djordje Djurica

27. The Influence of Negative Emotion On Conceptual Models Comprehension

Supervisor: Djordje Djurica

28.Trends in Knowledge Management Research: A Meta-Analysis of Leading KM Journals and Conferences

Supervisor: Florian Kragulj

29. Reviewing the literature on validation of prior learning

Supervisor: Florian Fahrenbach

30. Knowledge Quality - the assessment of shared knowledge

Supervisor: Clemens Kerschbaum