Current Thesis Topics

SS 2021

1. Graph embeddings for log analysis

Supervisor: Andreas Ekelhart

2. A review of threat intelligence sharing standards and tools in information security management

Supervisor: Andreas Ekelhart

3. Network-analytic evaluation of Knowledge Graph benchmark data sets

Supervisor:Elmar Kiesling

4. Semantic representation in Industry 4.0

Supervisor: Elmar Kiesling

5. Generating Ethereum Programs from Process Scripts

Supervisor:Maxim Vidgof

6. RPA-Enabled blockchain oracles

Supervisor:Maxim Vidgof

7. Domain knowledge and process mining: how domain knowledge artifacts are being considered by process mining techniques?

Supervisor: Kate Revoredo

8. Process mining in Industry 4.0: how is process mining being used in the smart manufacturing industry?

Supervisor: Kate Revoredo

9. Explainable AI for business process prediction

Supervisor: Kate Revoredo

10. Visualizing uncertainty in process mining analysis.

Supervisor: Anton Yeshchenko

11. Studying Economic Activity and Development using Satellite Data

Johannes Wachs and Elmar Kiesling

12. Evaluating geocoding solutions for geolocating users in online communities

Supervisors: Johannes Wachs & Axel Polleres

13. Power Dynamics in holacratic Organization (Master Thesis)

Supervisor:Bastian Wurm

14. Graph-based Database for Business Processes

Supervisor:Philipp Waibel

15. Reviewing the literature on computational analogical reasoning

Supervisor: Dawa Chang

16. Mining Event Attributes' Association Rules

Supervisor:Dina Bayomie

17. Knowledge Graphs and Knowledge Management – How much Knowledge is in a Knowledge Graph?

Supervisor(s): Clemens Kerschbaum, Axel Polleres, Rositsa Ivanova, Alexander Kaiser

18. The usage of Issues Tracking Systems for Process Mining

Supervisor: Philipp Waibel

19. Declarative process discovery in CMMN notation

Supervisor: Alessio Cecconi

20. Parameters to describe the structure of an organization

Supervisor:Clemens Kerschbaum

21. Different organizational forms in a “VUCA” world

Supervisor: Clemens Kerschbaum

22. Knowledge Graph Embedding Applications in Manufacturing

Supervisor:Stefan Bachhofner

23. The Influence of the Compound Coefficient on Error Patterns

Supervisor: Stefan Bachhofner

24. The Influence of Neuron Models on Error Patterns

Supervisor: Stefan Bachhofner

25. Designing E-Learning Platforms as a Ba for Transferring Tacit Knowledge and Fostering Téchne

Supervisor: Florian Kragulj

26. Visualizing Open Data in Virtual and Augmented Reality

Supervisor:Johann Mitlöhner

27. Views on Process Change

Supervisor:Bastian Wurm

28. Sampling ER diagrams from real world data

Supervisor: Axel Polleres

29. Measuring the the evolution of Open Data

Supervisor: Axel Polleres

30. Integrating COVID-related Open Data published by national governments in a Knowledge Graph

Supervisor:Axel Polleres

31. Platforms for Research Data Management

Supervisor:Axel Polleres, Thomas Seyffertitz