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Jakob Hackel

Jakob Hackel is senior scientist, researcher and lecturer at the Research Institute for Crypto-Economics.
Before that, he completed his bachelor's degree in international business administration at WU Vienna, as well as a master's degree in digital currencies at the University of Nicosia.
In his work, he brings a wealth of knowledge about the interface of new technologies and economics, in particular cryptocurrencies and applications of blockchain technology.
His focus at the Institute is on behavioral economics, social impact/development, token engineering and governance.
He currently teaches the courses "Introduction to Blockchain" and "Service Operations Management".

His publications include:

Journal article

2022 Hackel, Jakob, Barclay, Iain, Cooper, Michael, Perrin, Paul. 2022. Tokenizing Behavior Change: A Pathway for the Sustainable Development Goals. Read more
2021 Taudes, Alfred, Hackel, Jakob, Hermanky, Hannes, Haunold, Wolfgang. 2021. Distributed ledger technologies for securities settlement – the case for running T2S on DLT. Read more
2021 Hackel, Jakob, Yamamoto, Hitoshi, Okada, Isamu, Taudes, Alfred, Goto, Akira. 2021. Asymmetric effects of social and economic incentives on cooperation in real effort based public goods games. Read more