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Call for Papers on Topic "Blockchain & Sustainability" in Journal "Frontiers in Blockchain"

We invite papers that address potential of Blockchain technologies to meet Sustainable Development Goals and address other sustainability issues. Abstract submission 12 April 2019, full manuscripts - due to 10 August 2019.

Within our Project [UN]Blocked we curate an article collection around the topic "Blockchain & Sustainability" in Frontiers in Blockchain.

We invite papers on the following topics:

- Conceptual and normative frameworks to structure the research field;

- Sustainable Blockchain: LCA or other assessments of Blockchain applications and suggestions/ideas how to make Blockchains more sustainable, for example, the alternative consensus mechanisms to Proof of Work, or off-chain scaling solutions;

- Blockchain-based use cases that specifically analyse and assess (a) more transparency within global supply chains or real and financial goods and services; (b) more transparency about individual and collective action; (c) reduction of power asymmetries within organizations or in specific markets; (d) define whether and how sustainable behaviour can be incentivized with purpose-driven tokens;

- Development of assessment tools for sustainability impact measurement of Blockchain-based projects;

- Blockchain in a sustainable world: How could Blockchain contribute to sustainability transformation.

Details and submissions here:

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