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The Research Institute for Crypto-Economics has received a five-year start-up funding from the Ministry of Economy to explore the technical possibilities of blockchains, smart contracts and derived technologies along with economic, social and legal aspects.

Apart from the necessary basic research, the research institute also wants to conduct applied research together with partners from the private sector. If you have research questions, or want to discuss application potentials that are relevant for your company long or short term, then there is the following opportunity to work with us.

  • Workshops

  • Post Doc Researcher
    Fund a post-doc researcher to work on a topic of your choice.

  • Endowed professorship
    Fund a full time Professor

  • Student Projects
    Subject to possibilities of our own researchers, possible in limitd circumstanced.

  • We can apply for government substitution for research cooperations from public sources (Wirtschaftsagentur, FFG, FWF)