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Mia Raynard PhD

Mia Raynard is an Associate Professor in the Management Department at WU Vienna University of Economics and Business. She obtained a PhD degree at the University of Alberta, an MBA degree at the National Sun Yat-Sen University, and a Bachelor’s of Commerce degree at McGill University.

Her main research interests lie at the intersection of organization theory and change. By examining diverse empirical contexts including emerging economies, CSR and sustainability, and occupations and professions, her research agenda focuses on understanding processes of change, and how organizations and managers experience, interpret, and respond to pressures for change. She has spent several years working and conducting research in Southeast Asia. She serves on the editorial boards of Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of Management Studies, Organization Studies, and Family Business Review. Her work has been published in Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Annals, Organization Studies, Research in the Sociology of Organizations, Strategic Organization, and Family Business Review.

Research Areas:

  • Organization theory

  • Change management

  • Emerging markets

  • CSR and sustainability

  • Contested practices

  • Family business

Recent Publications:

Wang, M., Raynard, M., & Greenwood, R. (In press). From Grace to Violence: Stigmatizing the Medical Profession in China. Academy of Management Journal.

Raynard, M., Lu, F., & Jing, R. (2020). Reinventing the State-Owned Enterprise? Negotiating Change during Profound Environmental Turbulence. Academy of Management Journal.

Raynard, M., Kodeih, F., & Greenwood, R. (2021). Proudly Elitist and Undemocratic? The Distributed Maintenance of Contested Practices. Organization Studies.

Raynard, M. (2016). Deconstructing Complexity: Configurations of Institutional Complexity and Structural Hybridity. Strategic Organization, 14(4): 310-335.

Marquis, C., & Raynard, M. (2015). Institutional Strategies in Emerging Economies. Academy of Management Annals, Volume 9: 291-335.

Raynard, M., Johnson, G., & Greenwood, R. (2015). Institutional Theory and Strategic Management. In M. Jenkins & V. Ambrosini (Eds.), Strategic Management: A Multiple-Perspective Approach. Palgrave.

Hinings, C.R., & Raynard, M. (2014). One More Time: Church, Sect, Denomination, Ecclesia and Other Forms of Religious Organization. In N. Phillips, M. Lounsbury, & P. Tracey (Eds.), Research in the Sociology of Organizations: Religion and Organizational Theory, 41: 159-186.