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Career Prospects for GraduatesRSS

WU’s degree programs qualify graduates for a wide range of different careers. a few of which we’d like to introduce below. New career spotlights are added on a regular basis.

Investment banker: Crises, opportunities, and big money

In the past few years, very few industries have experienced upheavals and changes as radical as those seen in the banking sector.

Purchasing officer: A traditional career at the cutting edge of new developments

Purchasing and procurement activities may be as ancient as trade itself, but don’t be fooled by this career’s long-standing history: Purchasing has evolved into a true 21st century career.

Consultant: A career both dynamic and intense

Careers in management consulting are often associated with great variety, dynamic environments, and internationalism on the one hand and workload peaks, pressure to perform, and frequent business…

Project manager: Staying on top of things

Project-based work has become a key skill for employees, because projects have come to play an extremely important role in our day-to-day work.

Tax advisor and auditor

Tax consultants and auditors are always in demand. From the Big Four to SMEs, there are numerous job opportunities for graduates in these fields.

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