Distance Learning WU Business Language Center

All courses beginning are currently held in a distance learning format.

We are aware that interaction and communication are key elements when learning a foreign language. Therefore courses in distance learning will be held in large parts as online live courses via Zoom. The schedule for your course remains the same.  Additionally our teachers will provide material on learn@WU. When live webconferencing is not an option (for instance for technical reasons) our teachers will ensure your learning progress via other channels (chat, mail, learn@WU). For further questions please send us a mail to blc@wu.ac.at. We would also like to thank you for your positive feedback on our change to distance learning. 

During summer semester 2020 all our language courses were switched to a distance-​learning format. We are thankful for your overwhelmingly positive reviews - some examples:

  • "The online course worked very well and it was the best solution to continue the courses online. Yes, I'd definitely book another online course"

  • "I very well appreciate WU's initiative and effort in converting classes to this online form. It was really good and we were able to adapt very quickly to it."

  • "I would book another online course, actually think this works as well as in-​class, maybe even better."

  • "Switching to an online format worked super smoothly and fast, without any issues"

  • "Much better than expected."

Technical requirements

 In order to participate in online courses you need:

  • PC/laptop, or mobile device (tablet, smartphone)

  • stable internet connection with at least 5 mbps upload and downlad (speed test)

  • microphone

Furthermore we strongly recommended:

  • unlimited data

  • PC or laptop

  • headset or earphones

  • webcam

In order to make your course as successful as possible we have gathered a couple of hints and tips:

  • Please be on time for your course, being late is really disturbing the other (even more than in a real classroom situation)

  • Please give your real name when joining a webconference so that teachers know who you are

  • Attendance requirements remain (80% for a course certificate)

  • Mute your microphone when there is a background noise

  • Make use of the chat function for questions and interaction with your colleagues

  • It is not allowed to record the sessions or make screenshots.